Friday, March 4, 2011

Thursday Night Lights???

OK! I'm in in the club (not like 50 though) and right in front of me on the floor are about 14 chicks, all sexy and fine. There's barely a guy in their midst.
Well you might ask; 'what's wrong with this scene?' to me there isn't nothing wrong with staring at 14 chicks just bumping their waists to D'prince's 'Give it to me'. but on a Thursday night?! something definitely was off. Then it hit me! Youth Corpers are passing out!
But the scene was eye catching. i found myself always trying to play it out over and over again; all of them looking all tall, with long flowing hair, body hugging dresses, hem lines that could make you imagine yet not see any thing at all, some backless some strapless, plunging neck lines.. it was a kaleidoscopic variety. I didn't even want to jump in for fear of ruining this sight.

Going out on Thursday night has become almost a routine, but unlike previously when Friday would be almost a repetition, save for the likelihood of a change of scenery and ambiance, this time, i find myself settling for only Thursday night.

I seem to have gotten old. Finally accepting rest as a precautionary friend. I always say I'll party till I'm bent. Well, while not fully straight and I'm already giving that statement a second thought. *smh*

Or maybe its just a phase I'm going through. Some of you might end up tapping me on the shoulder from behind only for me to turn around and give nothing but an embarrassed smile in return as an explanation as to why I'm out next week Thursday, you'll never know.

All i know is, I've given my body a little breather over the past couple of weeks.

But on this very night I'm talking about, it seemed choreographed. They all seemed to be bumping their waists at the same time (maybe it was the alcohol)... the short ones at the outer edges of the crowd and the tall ones in the middle. Lady Gaga would have been proud of this sight.

For a while, all i did was watch. I looked to my companions * the usual suspects* : SBB, Phoenix & Mystery. To different degrees of slight perversion we all had the same thoughts. I took me another 12 mins to get one of the girls to dance with me. With her leopard print dress hugging her slight frame, she twisted and bumped, then pinged on her Blackberry a bit. Don't get me wrong, i always find this habit irritating and i immediately focused on another query of interest to me... with boobs firmly packed and thrust upwards with no blackberry in sight i found a rhythmic welcome; she seemed more focused on our synchronized movement.

You should know by now that i love this scene..yet i plan to abandon it, soon enough i hope, before it swallows me.

NB.. i'm still suffering from a few symptom of writers block.