Sunday, December 12, 2010

A series of Unfortunate/ Fortunate events... you tell me...

Its totally explainable that I'm updating my blog after a long break, but trust me, if I'm given enough time to squeeze my brain of all the juice its soaked from the past couple of weeks, you'll have a great story to go home with.

I really am trying really hard to come up with how it all happened so fast.. cause I'm still yet to figure things out my self till now.

The previous week i was flying high, on top of everything, making deadlines and all, then all of a sudden I'd become the slacker, the one who never gets anything right. I even got careless with my belongings to booth.

At a point i confided in Mr. Capable and Mystery about the whole situation, wondering why so many things were beginning to befall me all at the same time.

It all started on a good note funny enough, 2 weeks ago. I left the house on Saturday after doing a bit of work at the office, with the intention of hooking up with the boys at Stadia to watch the United game (yep! Manchester United fan, bite me). Got there on time and it turned out to be our best performance of the season so far, with Berbartov grabbing 5 goals. I was ecstatic obviously and was still settling down to watch the next game when i got a call from Chairman, he accused me of trying to burn down the entire house. I immediately left the guys and rushed back home, wondering what could have possibly gone wrong... On walking in i smelt burnt wire.
This was surely not going to be good so i hurried into my room.
The lights had been cut out from the distribution box so maama followed me in with a flash light. The corridor seemed fine and there were no signs that anything had gone wrong so i turned my attention to the toilet... i didn't like what i saw, despite the fact that it was dark i could see and smell the smoke, the heater was blackened as well as half of the bath tub, to make matters worse the white half of the wall tiles were also black from smoke. The suspended ceiling tiles were not spared either. I stood there in shock. For a couple of minutes i was still trying to figure out if i had walked into the right room. Everything seemed out of place.
I definitely had a shouting match with Chairman before i called/BBMed the rest of the guys telling them what had happened. My night was over.

I spent the better part of Sunday scrubbing the entire bathroom and toilet from ceiling to floor. I definitely wasn't happy.
Chairman pinned it all on me, saying if i had remembered to switch off the water heater the fire would never have happened. That left me perplexed, i mean how could a water heater with a functioning thermostat burn up just like that.

It took the maintenance guys 4 days to detect and fix the problem, and it definitely wasn't from me. Chairman has not apologized till this very day.

Monday morning, myself and Mr. Capable went text book shopping, but we had to make a little detour around CITEC estate to purchase some flowers for the house. I had parked the car about 20 meters from where the flowers where sold and had just made my purchase when i noticed a couple of guys walking towards the car. I was getting in when i either instinctively or by divine intervention locked the car doors immediately. Within a split second of that singular action, i found the same suspicious guys on both sides of the car trying to open both doors. they kept on pointing down wards like i had dropped something. knowing i obviously had not, i jumped to the next conclusion; this was an attempted car jacking and i had very little time. I sped away like an F1 driver with no destination. Mr. Capable who had no idea whatsoever what was going on had to calm me down, i parked the car after a few minutes of driving, i was visibly shaken and not in the proper frame of mind to drive any further so Mr. Capable drove us back home.

The funny thing is in between these incidences, i had misplaced my ATM card on Sunday.

I couldn't understand what was going on anymore, within such a short space of time i had gone through all this and i wasn't going to settle for such an explanation as 'pure coincidence'.

By the end of the week, the car couldn't down shift from gear 4 to 3.That did it for me, i had to figure this out. at some point i tweeted: "i think its a woman". That's when i knew i was getting paranoid.

I gave myself a day to reflect on things without taking any drastic action and soon enough, things came to light. The car jacking was a close shave, the fire in my toilet was an external electrical fault and my ATM card was recovered although it was after i had it De- activated.

One obvious thing these events taught is; 'I'm very much human'.

Every thing's been fixed now though but i assure that lessons have been learnt. What i went through might be child's play compared to what others have faced, but i still am trying to figure this one out though...


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  1. Well sometimes it happens like that, we just pray it will be shortlived n do no lasting damage...chin up, it is well!