Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Remembering Her...

… It’s been 7 years now…..
It was evening already, Mr. Capable, lil mama and I where all moody.
It was as if we mutually agreed that times like this required we stayed holed up in Mumsie’s room, quietly, just watching TV, while we waited for the cook to make dinner. It was almost a year since the divorce and we still were trying to take it all in.
On this particular moody day, we just sat in her room watching Channel ‘O’ and the next song that came up was Boys to Men’s ‘A song for mama’. Half way through we had a cell phone in hand singing into the tiny receiver, obviously it was mumsie on the other side. She could barely stop herself from giggling. By the time we were done singing, we took turns in telling her how much we loved and missed her.
…..It’s been about 13 years now…….
I was still in secondary school and we were having one of our unnecessary anniversaries. The whole school was gathered on the assembly ground and I was amongst my class mates just standing under a canopy waiting for the event to end so I could head back to class (I probably had a comic book I so badly wanted to finish), all of a sudden my cousin walks appears, with Mr. Capable nearby she goes right towards him and gives him a hug. I stand there watching them, but right behind her I see my mum walk into the crowd too. Immediately someone to my right asks; “is that your sister”. I give him an incredulous look and before I can reply my friend to my left answers for me; “that’s his mum”.
Despite all this, all that mattered to me was when I heard her say; “where is Teniola?”
She did this after she bobbed her head about while sharing a joke with Mr. Capable and my cousin Bukky. She had a short cropped hair fixed and she looked so beautiful in a lemon and dark green dress with sleeves.

Most of you who don’t know me personally might be wondering what I’m going on about, but for those who do, this being the 1st of December, you’ll recall that it was 6 years ago on the 2nd of December that mum passed away.
I have uncountable memories I’d love to share about her with you guys, but for the past few hours these are the two that have been popping into my head.
It’s no understatement when I say I miss her so much. Life without her is definitely not the same. But like I always say, I have people around me who in their own ways manifest parts of her that I miss so much.
So despite her not being physically present, I still cherish these memories that come to me as well as my siblings who unknown to them posses attributes they inherited from her.
Thursday it is then, six years gone by. I’ll most likely be doing what I’ve done every 2nd of December, for the past 5 years. Celebrate the life of Miss. Omotoke Adebayo.


  1. May your Mama's soul Rest In Peace! It is not easy but it gets better, hopefully.

  2. @Myne: thanks dear... it definitely has to get better