Wednesday, April 29, 2009

lies and betrayals.....

I hate dwelling on the negatives at a time like this in my life, despite my concious efforts to avoid it i find myslef helplessly drawn to these constant forces that succeed in irritating and annoying me, leaving me to eventually reduce myself to a lesser state of begrudgfull anger and resentment. Time and time again i have prayed to God that he helps me avoid people who cause me to do such things.

Unfortunately that prayer was not answered last week Monday. Not feeling too well on sunday night, i called one of my colleagues to tell her i might not come in to work on monday. Instead she stopped me in mid- sentence, telling me that the reported attempt to change our CDs had been successful, the good part was my colleague and alleged office friend (Flavor) who handled the whole change of CD process intentionally forgot to change her's. I thought we all agreed to forget about the letter and let it dissappear "ministry style", apparently she had grown chicken legs and out of fear of being discovered to not have submitted the letter had decided to submit it without the knowledge of the rest of us. It really felt like betrayal to me.

I found my way to the office first thing monday morning, as usual i was first in, sitting at my desk patiently waiting, planning my mode of attack. I say attack at this point because I interpretted this underhanded move by Flavor as an attack on not only me but on the rest of us corpers in the office. As i waited for who would first show up between Madam V and Flavor (both of whom i believed had conived to perpetuate this slight), I tried to think of the best way to unsettle them. The thing about me is i'm not a strategic type of fighter, i'm only good with first attacks, my follow ups tend to let me down hence my average record of equal numbers of victories and defeats (lol). Now here I was about to engage in a verbal duel with not one but two women who possessed high pitched nasal voices which they would try to use in drowning out what ever point i was trying to make.

Soon I had built up my first attack, which was bound to unsettle them no matter what, my problem as usual was my follow up attack....

you can call me petty but i wasn't going to be undone by two coniving women who had no reason to do what they did but to exercise a bit of what they percieved to be priviledged positions. I had already created a water proof excuse for refusing the CD change in case my proposed duel ended in my utter humiliation and defeat. I wasn't going to loose on two fronts no matter what.

As i sat alone in the Office that morning thinking about the best follow up strategy ever thought up by man, the answer walked right in; the new Corper, Steve who had barely spent more 3 weeks in the department walked in and that was when the idea hit me. Having prior knowledge of the coniving sisters intention to disposses him of his new desk and work station, I unashmedly started working on him, i riled him up, telling him of Madam V and Flavor's plan to take away his seat and install Flavor in his stead while sending him to share my system with me. I already knew there was nothing he could do about that but i made him see reason in not allowing them take away both his desk as well as his system since he was the one who made the effort to clear the space the previous week. This ploy was suitable enough for me considering how sure they had seemed that they would get both the desk and the system(now they were in for a suprise, thanks to my ginger)

When the two women were in the same room i seized the moment to begin my attack, i started by asking Madam V why no corper was consulted before our CD days were changed, she gave me the feeble excuse that the head of HR wasn't happy with the fact that no corper remained in the office on friday, * this was somewhat too late to rectify with respect to the old corpers, considering we had less than three months left to spend, but Steve, the new Corper was willing to change his since he was new. I chided her for not taking our respective schedules into consideration and went ahead to ask directly to put a stop to the whole process, she soon lost her composure, she started accusing me of being rude and antagonistic towards her, instead of replying her i changed focus to her accomplice. Flavor had been expecting me to do something like this so she just sat there quielty until I pointedly accused her of not changing only her CD day, by this time the deputy Director had come into the office and was asking what the argument was all about, when he heard most of the story, i felt i would get an unbiased listening ear, but madam V had her own plans. She went further with the story, claiming that it was a directive from the Director General himself. That undid it all for me, immediatley the deputy Director heard this, he began to chastize me; " I've never known you to be like this so stop confronting your superior, if you have a problem with the directive go to the proper office and lay your complaint rather than shouting at your superior". At this point i refused to give up so i continued with my plan, attacking Flavor, i claimed ; " but she was the one who submitted the letter and she intentionally refused to change her CD". This only sounded more like an attempt to save face rather than an attack, i was obviously loosing this fight.

The DD (deputy Director), looked to Flavor and asked her if my claim was true while Madam V raised her voice as i had anticipated and began to deny my allegation ; "how do you know that"? The DD simply looked to Flavor for confirmation. That was when the lie came out of her mouth; "my CD is not on friday any more sir". I fell silent and looked at her intensly, i clenched my fist tightly and looked at her but she averted my eyes easily because the DD was already addressing me, ;" don't make such false accusations anymore, now will you get back to work". I felt as if i had been shot straight in the head, right in front of a senior staff these two women decided to lie.

I had apparently lost this battle, so i only had my second plan left, which was all dependent on Steve, meanwhile i headed straight for the Human resources deparment. I explained myself there without skipping a beat with my story well thought of and laid out, luckily i was heard and cleared without much fuss. By the time i got back to the department my second plan was playing out, with Steve already giving both women a hard time already, i couldn't help myself upon seeing the exasperated expressions on the two of them's faces so much that i burst out laughing at a point and ran out of the office. The issue was finally settled with the removal of the Computer system from Steve's table. I knew things would never be the same again in the office and unknown to her the biggest loser in this case was Flavor (i doubt if she realizes this). My CD is still on friday and Flavor can barely look me in the eye anymore.......

As for the other two corpers, Steve already agreed for his to be changed while Princess seemed to be clueless about the whole thing, she was fine as long as the change didn't affect her yellowing skin or pretty face. We were all good. At the time of documentation of the CD day changes, Flavor's CD day still fell on friday.


  1. Steve's still got the table, without a computer.
    Now you've planted a seed of discord btw Steve and Madan "vee"... I'm sure the beef'll continue after you leave! You devil...You didn't tell us what happened to Flavor's seat...Has she been relegated to the floor? ROTFLMFBAOAPIMP!

  2. no worry u go soon free those schemeing ......
    bros,is princess d gorgeous babe dat is from d same state as moi?
    hail am 4 moi

  3. @ Virgi: ohyes its her, and i'm mighty glad i'll be out of here soon...
    @ Anonymous: Flavour arranged another desk for herslef..... i didn't plan anything oh...