Monday, May 4, 2009

May Day Weekend round up

I'm writing this post cause i feel there are some parts of the weekend I might have forgotten, incase you guys remember any thing i missed out between friday and Saturday, please feel free to update in the comment column.

I'm just sitting at my desk at the office, bored to death, scratching my growing facial hair (thats because i've made a promise not to cut it till next year) and wondering what i'm going to write about.

I spent most of last week thinking about a lot of things in my life and i had to admit to myself that there was something wrong with me, maybe I then proceeded to take it out on the two coniving sisters in my office. i don't know sha.... then i did something really wierd; i typed in the words personality disorder on google and soon enough i found a page that did personality disorder tests for free. It seemed funny that a series of random questions would tell me the extent to which i had a varying array of disoders to my personality.

After answering about 50 or so random questions it gave me a very interesting result to look at; the result was arranged in a table format, stating that i had a high likelihood of being paranoid, moderate likelihood of being a schidzoid (what ever that means).

It really was interesting to go further to read the analysis, but it soon got boring, as in really how can a series of random answers tell me to what degree I possibly could develop such and such personality disorder. To realize that i even went ahead to take the test and read the subsequent result really creeped me out.

So now i have personality disorders and they can be cured with very funny and expensive drugs..... scchhhrrrrreeecchhhpppp...., like i don't have better things to worry about.


I decided to take thursday off work and get some rest. It helped to a large extent. At least untill Chairman started asking me why I didn't go to work. That really pissed me off, you see for the past five months or so me and chairman have had some sort of silent agreement in our relationship; which has been "leave and let live", that is until Thursday, what ever made him ask me the question still baffels me, yet what make it worse is the fact that he went a step further to try and give me the talk. I wasn't in the mood for any of our usual "i'm smarter than you" verbal jousting so i let him have a field day with his Parental wisdom. By the time he was through I had my head nestled on a throw pillow snoozing off (not like I intended to ignore him, its just that his talk has become so monotonous these past few years that i can recite and guess correctly everything he has to say).

By 3:00 PM thursday i'm so bored out of my skin and helpless for ideas. I've been sleeping all day with nothing but how to start writing my new blog post when next i get to the office.

I'm actually having problems picking which topic i should write about first; between "WHO THE HELL IS SAM WORTHINGTON" & "THIS ALMOST ENDLESS RECURRING DREAM". These two issues have been bobbing around in my head for months now and i can't seem to find the steam in my engine to start writing on any of them.

By 3:30 PM Mr. capable calls in to tell me he's on his way home from Chambers (Ope Oh!!) at least it won't be me alone in the house, plus he's coming with my little dolls.

As per its thursday, there's always the possibility of going out tonight but its rather slim, by night fall me and Mr. Capable mutually agree to stay home tonight. We both know fully well that Friday is definately not going to be the same though.

Friday- Saturday:

Maama says friday is Spring cleaning, which i don't totally agree with. I would have preferred if it was "sleeping in till all your eyes puffed out day". The rest of the house get to work save for me, Mr. capable and lil' mama....

we stay put in our rooms doing nothing too serious, I'm just lying in bed thinking whether I should call Peaches or not (yes i have a girlfriend and i use that cheesy name for her). All that is soon put on hold when Chairman calls us downstairs, apparently the three of us are expected to take part in the spring cleaning, I didn't know oh......

Me and Mr. Capable opt to do some outside ground work that would make us look more macho (the one that requires the use of a hoe and cutlass). it takes us no less than 3 hours to complete. By the time we are true the blisters on my hands have me fuming..(I can't remember the last time I had them; maybe SS2?)

We hooked up with SBB and Mystery later in the evening; around 5:00 PM but by 6:00 we've not even left home cause Mystery's car security is acting up, so we're turned into emergency mechanics and to make matters worse the street lights aren't on (because of PHCN) so we have to use the flash on Mr. Capable's camera phone.

By the time we're through sorting out the car problem its about 7 :00 PM and our first port of call is Dub- C, as usual its getting packed and lively, the DJ doesn't seem to be on point tonight though. As the night goes on we're soon joined by a few more friends, its definatley gonna be a long night cause everyone soon starts asking for another drink and we've only just finished a bottle of Red Label, so the next thing we go for is a Blue Smirnoff Vodka...... we call it "Amnesia".
We all soon agree that we'll be hanging out at a A- lounge which just newly opened. It turnsout to be a good choice cause we get guest appearances from Wande Coal and M.I. i actually thought Wande was really fat but apparently Mr. Capable is even fatter than i think i dance till about 3:45 AM the next morning and by the time we were leaving the club, my ears felt like they had ear muffs on them. SBB had to scream through the phone when i called him to confirm where he had parked.

Funny enough I woke up at about 9: 00 AM that same morning, no hang over was in the air and Manchester United had an early kick off but because of everybody's slow motion we missed the entire first half of the game. Gladly United won the match with little or no fuss so i didn't need to check my heart rate once every 30 seconds.

After the game SBB left us to take care of some personal matter (*wink * wink).... while the rest of us hooked up with a few other guys at a spot in maitama.....
the rest of the weekend was rather normal stuff though, i eventually hooked up with Peaches on Sunday and believe you me it was the second shortest meeting we've ever had (we'll talk about that later).

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