Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i woke up Saturday morning in one of the worst ways possible, by some miracle or freak of nature, a 911 truck had found its way into my head and was trying to get out, the only way being to ram its way out through my skull. one of my dolls came into wake me and Mr. Capable up for the daily morning devotions and i just sat up in bed wondering what the hell i had been doing last night to cause me so much anguish on Saturday morning.

Okay i do remember what i freaking did (most of it that is), as it is customary to happen on Fridays with Abuja corpers, me and Mr. Capable joined a few friends (both old and new) for a couple of drinks, and from there moved on to Dub- C later that night.

Okay I'll get straight to the point; all this trailer in my head talk was caused by 2 large bottles of Smirnoff Vodka. in no small way did i practise moderation in its consumption. so there I was on a Saturday morning looking like a Swine Flu victim. initially i was glad i was the only one who felt bad for myself because Mr. Capable was fighting his own battle with punishing spirits of Hangover; he already had me worried cause from what he was saying i began to fear that the alcohol effect were beginning to manifest themselves psychologically than physically because he had started to say something like Jesus told him to do a few things... my own problem didn't get worse till Lil' mama came into the room, she spent a few minutes with Mr. Capable and as she was leaving she looked down on me sprawled on my bed almost lifeless, and i heard her sigh as she said the words "look at this one". even if i was lying down face down with my eyes closed i could picture the expression on her face, that had me thinking.

soon enough i was wide awake thinking of what to do, i looked at my bed side table and caught a glimpse of the TV remote control, in two minutes time i was watching Lilo and Stitch...no one should get me wrong; Lilo is so cute in her naivety and stitch is adorable as he is gruesome but, i got bored and slept off.

Noon came and game time arrived; Arsenal were playing Man- U at Oldtrafford. Man- U needed just a point while Arsenal were just there to see if they could spoil the fun, gladly they didn't.
as they say the rest is now history.

i swear I'm not feeling myself as I'm writing this thing ooh... maybe its hunger. just came back from the national assembly and i really feel embarrassed; we walked into the purported conference room at the national assembly for what we believed to have been the Senate committee meeting on the NNPC, by now the opening prayers had just been said so we hurriedly joined the rest of the people in the room.
with the opening prayer said, the chairman of the committee looked up and asked if we were representing the minister of Energy, and that was when it hit me, we were not supposed to be there. he immediately explained to us that this was in fact a committee hearing on the NLNG. i tried my best to act unflustered as i left the room but inside me i kept saying to myself; " oh boy, see national embarrassment".

till tomorrow sha........

meanwhile today is Peaches' birthday so I'm thinking of taking her to go see a movie then probably spend some time talking(i have no idea what to get her) and I've been thinking about us lately so I'm just hoping that we really get to clear the air. just realized how self centered and out of touch with my feeling I've been for a while now............ someone recently described me as cold and that really got me thinking up to this point....
I'll fill you guys in on what i discovered later...


  1. tenizzle.easy bro.are u sure it was just a couple of drinks or somethinh more.any way keep keeping on.Takia.komo

  2. no.... you are not called.... its just that the warmeth in ur heart is just really well protect... deep...deep inside... like the earth's core.

  3. @ wizzie: i wouldn't lie oh
    @ Odekunle: Nice explanation master...