Monday, May 25, 2009

The Sleazy Lounge beats the Weekend Routine...

Its been two months since I've been nursing this Blog and it really is turning out to be a promising child. Though there are times when admittedly I have intentionally ignored it, there have been moments when upon looking at another person's blog i draw inspiration and regain the Will to nurture mine.

FBA posted a short on his blog talking about how tired he was while i just read XSN's post saying almost the same thing but in a longer version, it almost makes me feel as if an anti- blogging virus has hacked into their personal computers and is writing all this stuff.
Well as a newbie I have decided to put expectations at a moderate level while trying to make sure i don't make my post look forced, hence the obvious extended periods with out any post on my blog.

Now that Peaches and I have taken a break from each other, I've so quickly become accustomed to being single again, or maybe while I was in the relationship I never really took in the fact that I actually was in one, not to sound arrogant, i just still am trying to understand the whole experience.

Friday saw me getting into unexpected trouble; my CDS coordinator handed me a small piece of paper that could cause me several sleepless nights; on it was written clearly, "this is a query asking you to explain why you have missed you weekly CDS 10 times. I agreed to everything on the query except the '10 times part' , i mean I know I've missed some particular days, but claiming its up to 10 can't be possible (or is it.....?). Now i have a hearing slated for upper Friday.

With that date in mind I began my weekend routine but this time around things didn't turn out as before. It seems we've gotten so used to the routine that on this particular Friday night barring SBB we all got bored before things got into full gear, my case wasn't helped by the fact that Diva wasn't picking her phone calls. We ended up calling it a night earlier than we usually did.

Saturday proved much more interesting though, I woke up on a low, dragged myself about the house lazily for a couple of hours before making the bizarre decision to shave my moustache, the face I saw in the mirror was odd but not so bad until Mr. Capable said I looked like 'Bart Simpson'. I admit that the comment had me feeling vulnerable so by noon when Mystery came to the house and we all headed to the Barber's shop, i ended up shaving my beard as well. The look again didn't come out well, now I knew I had made an irreparable mistake. knowing I had promised myself not to cut my hair again at least till the end of the year, i still couldn't stand it any longer so with a defeated ego, i headed back to the barber for the second time that day and cut my hair. I feel i let myself down for not following through on the promise. Now I'm starting over and this time I'm keeping it strictly professional.

In between my insecurities and hair cuts me and the Boys met a Princess, as in her name is Princess and going by what she plans to do on children's day, she truly has the heart of one. Mr. Capable had met her the previous day and while they were getting acquainted she had claimed she was looking for and orphanage to visit on children's day, since Mr. Capable knew one a few streets from were we lived, he offered to take her there hoping one of us would hook up with her, but by the time we saw how honestly interested she was in this mini project we were all sold. We did our best to help liaise with the orphanage official we met.
The fact that such a young girl could have thought of such a noble act really touched me. On a day when several children around the world would have no parents to take them out to have fun, she was giving up her time to help these kids as well as spend time with them, I truly was touched. Did I mention Princess is gorgeous?

By night fall we were back at Dub-C, but this time we had Lil mama as well as Mr. Capable's girl with us... things turned out better than I had expected until we had to split up, not wanting to head home earlier than the night before, I hooked up with Lil mama and Phoenix for some club hopping.

This was the result:
Bounced at Play (reason being that I was not properly dressed.......???)

A- Lounge was virtually empty.....(we left the place immediately we got in)

so we decided to check out Krystal lounge. I have a natural dislike for the place, so much so that I'd prefer hanging out at Dub-C all night rather than spend a few hours there.

Krystal lounge to me is a place of Sleaze, the faces of the regulars there leave you feeling insecure about you environment. Prostitutes are the most prized clientele and there hardly is any room to move about freely.

I honestly hope they demolish the place, even for no reason at all. We ended up spending barely more than 30 minutes in the place, i was off chasing an over sized ass while Lil mama and Phoenix danced for a few minutes. By the time they signaled me that it was time to leave, I had gotten no where with the over sized ass. Phoenix dropped us off at home but i never made it to my room as I settled for the rug in the upstairs parlor (I think it was the idea that I was going to watch Skins for the first time that drew me to the living room).

By Sunday morning I started to think about the routine thing; is it all necessary? Do I have to be out all weekend? why does it have to be alcohol all the time? But also paramount on my mind was the fear of visiting that Sleazy Lounge again, the mere thought of it made me draw up a new routine I plan to implement if everything goes according to plan this week, but first I'll list my weekend routine;

Thursday: Eden garden

Friday: Dub-C and any club willing to admit me.

Saturday: Just Dub-C (have to go to church on Sunday morning)

Sunday:Eden Garden.

now my preliminary outline for a new routine is

Thursday: Karaoke at Play

Friday: Dub-C

Saturday: Spend time with Family and Friends during the day.

Sunday: Pool party at The Dome.

If any one has any suggestions let me know.

Meanwhile I still am hoping for something to be done about that stupid lounge oh....


  1. HUMAN MACHINERY.May 25, 2009 at 6:02 AM

    wow u are quite cold that u cant even talk to peaches and find out what is the issue with her , well rather u ?

    and i feel u on the routine life of weekend bar hoping and all. i think most clubs need to do something interesting to keep people wanting to come to their place. like an artist apperance, even if it is just for an hr. bikini contest. u know so many events, costume parties. so many things you can do for people to always want to come out too. I guess that is why also why one gets married, have kids and then u have too much on your mind to think about your weekend to have fun. Try watching all these series too they help boredom too.

  2. I did talk to Peaches... she had nothing to say, that really hurt in its own way but i won't dwell on it. You've got graet ideas bout the club scene though.