Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Glory Glory !! And a wig..

The past few post have not been worth any thing memorable to you guys I’m sure safe for a few quips and short paragraph, there hasn’t been much in them to catch your eye.

I know this cause I strive to be my own best critic, endeavoring to be as honest with myself as much as possible.

Now I find myself on this pages again attempting once again to give you reason to click on my blog any time you see me put up a new notification on my FB profile status or you just simply decide to stop by on a whim.

Today I’ll make you guys a promise, you faithful few who see a glimmer of hope in this untapped ability of mine, an ability that I have left lying dormant for a major part of my growing years leaning instead on other possibilities that have brought me few rewards.

I Promise to always give you guys as much reason to read this blog as much as you want to update you facebook profile status, and if I have nothing interesting for you all, I’ll stay away so that I won’t bother you.

Now back to work, nothing worth remembering at work happened yesterday, save for the obvious intimidation I received from senior staffs who had Arsenal allegiances, I was virtually bullied and intimidated through out the working day, I did my best to put up a brave face but deep down I knew I felt uneasy, thoughts flooded my mind as flash back after flash back replayed endlessly; of chances missed by United at OT. I wished I could turn back the hands of time and give Almunia a mild sedative that would both slow him down and go unnoticed if there was suspicion of foul play (the evil part of me thought this up oh). I tried to busy myself with something to read but even Wole Soyinka’s THE MAN DIED couldn’t take my mind of the inevitable hour a lot of people around Europe and surprisingly Africa were looking forward to; 7 :45 PM.

Unlike me, my brother seemed positive or so it seemed according to his profile status, but Arsenal fans on FB were having a field day. It left me wondering why, so I looked up the most vocal and foul mouthed Arsenal Blogger I knew; “”, what I found wasn’t at all pleasing, in fact I began t have that feeling that I was going to throw hope up at any time.

“THE MAN DIED” still wasn’t doing me any favors still. Arseblogger had gone on a riling campaign and from what I read, he did a pretty good job with it, cause I posted it to a few of my friends on FB and their reaction was almost aggressive, I wondered if I was going to survive this day.

The only Man U fan I knew I the entire office was Uncle Sule and all he simply said was “don’t panic”. “Don’t panic”, what the hell was that going to do for me, I wish he could have told me something, more complex like; “I went to see a Mystic yesterday night and she asked me to look into her glass ball, I saw Man U scoring 5 un-replied goals with you in front of your T.V dancing with no shirt on”. If that was what he told me I would have walked away laughing and gone straight to a bar, drank as much Guinness I could swallow till the match started, then back the T,V all through out the match so that I would prove the mystic wrong only on the prediction that I would celebrate with my shirt off.

On getting home I snuck in quietly so that Chairman (fake Chelsea fan) wouldn’t taunt me about the match, ran up to my room and waited for Mr. Capable to get home. He found me watch the news which at that point in time was reporting on the re- opening of the presidential petition tribunal. At that moment, we sat on our bed staring at the T.V. the report kept on showing the Supreme Court filled with lawyers wearing their wigs and gowns.

I have always respected the legal profession, but I have never admired their court room fashion antics for once, the whole idea of Nigerian lawyers wearing the wig and gown has never appealed to me, maybe the black robes are not that bad (even though they some how remind me of students from Hogwarts), the wig to me is one step too far in my opinion. To my knowledge it’s something that lawyers inherited from their colonial masters and it would have made sense in the old days when there was still a strong connection to the British colonialists but I think we need to portray ourselves as more indigenously matured to the outside world.

I don’t know how many of you would agree with me though. But I still stand my ground that lawyers loose the wig. Mr.Capable’s only defense for my question was that the wig portrayed an image of wisdom. Yeah right, like every lawyer with a wig had wisdom in them, I beg to defer, if my learned friends reading this would permit me, but I believe that should be determined more by the words spoken before an honorable judge. You guys hola at me with your feed backs on the issue.

By now most of you will know what the results of the match between Arsenal and Man U ended up being. I watched the match with the rest of the guys in Garki. It’s important for you guys to know that Mystery is currently the only Arsenal fan I hang out with on a regular basis, so the result did him no favor, at a point during the match he even shouted at Mr. Capable.

From my own point of view I was mighty glad with fergie’s tactic, playing an averagely young squad against the very young and talented gunners that were full of running and slick passing yet all that couldn’t make up for experience and determination. Two quick goals in the first 11 minutes seemed to put the game to bed but by the hour mark United added another one with a beautiful counter attack move that saw the man of the match; Ronaldo as the starter and finisher of such a peach.

Arsenal fans would wish to forget this match but revenge as well would also be on their minds, especially with post- match comments from Patrice Evra, the united left back was quoted as saying the match had been a game of eleven men against eleven children. I wish he hadn’t said that though, because I wouldn’t want to have to play Arsenal at such a key stage in the league with vengeance on their minds.

I won’t say much about Arsenal again because they already have enough on their plates. I just hope next season will see them make good experienced buys rather than continue over depending on inexperienced youngsters.

On a much lighter note, I think I’ll go see a movie before the week ends, most likely X- men origins: Wolverine. The illegally released copies don’t do the movie enough justice despite fan- boys complaining on review sites that the graphics were not good enough I still believe it’s a cool movie. So hope I catch you guys at Ceddi.


  1. i still believe that the wig is a mark off wisdom and it is still worn in is also a sign of profession is one of the oldest and noblest of professions in the world.It is because of things like the preservation of these values that the traditions of the profession are still upheld till this day.

  2. well the American still didn't take after all that bull, d we take things such as nobility seriously in this country?
    come on, i'm arguing from the point of showing our own indegenous maturity as a nation. open your mind.

  3. I totally agree with Griffin. For the first person to use the word 'noble' and with Nigeria ? I spit and wish he retract his statements. we make it seem like they are saints. For us to indigenous we need to carve an indentitiy for ourselves and stick to it. Sometimes i wear native to work on weeekdays to remove a stigma i have to wear collar clothings in order to get a listening voice. In the UAE, they wear their turban to have their indentity stand out. Let us carve out an identity for ourselves. HUMAN.MACHINERY HAS SPOKEN.