Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Vampire like heart ache...

I've had a horrible Wednesday night and Thursday is much worse with all the taunting. I woke up with a bitter taste in my mouth (i think its because of the alcohol)and a bad dream that I I unusually had failed to forget.

My team Manchester United were once again made to look so ordinary and inefficient by Barcelona and to make matters worse every other person who isn't a Man-united fan was rooting for them to win so imagine how it looked where I watched the match considering majority of the viewers were Shepe FC. fans.

I'm still seething from the loss and would have loved not to post something today but I can't think of anything else to write about.......

Or maybe there is, considering killings in the Niger - delta. Its something that really has gotten me bothered.................
ooohh... who am I kidding, the main thing on my mind is why did we loose in such a way last night, I know Barcelona are probably the best team in the world but we basically handed them the match.

We gave them a fright in the first 10 minutes but missed our chances, immediately that Cameroonian drama queen put the ball inside the net everything went down hill from there. I wish, I wish. Well maybe it was never meant to be.

The headline on all the online sport sites make me seem like a vampire. any time I see someone opening a sport's site like, my eyes feel as if they are being burned and there's this burning in my chest like someones trying to drive a stake through to my heart.

Now I understand what Maradona meant when he said "each goal felt like a dagger through my heart ", when the Argies lost 5- 1 to Bolivia, because in truth it felt a lot like that.

Now you see the sly smiles on People's faces anytime they seem because they know I'm a United fan.
Despite the defeat I'll still keep my head up, and to borrow one of the most egotistical gestures by a coach to his club fans; "chin up".
United will always rise in defeat, and the only reason why people dislike United is simply that we always win things (which makes me much more proud).
I won't write out excuses as to why we lost or the things that went wrong leading to our loss, I'll just congratulate Barcelona, because on the night the better team won and its really a nice thing to see pure football triumph in the end (not like United don't play such).

Its karaoke night tonight, meaning me and the boys are going all out to act a fool again. hope you guys meet me there. Its at the usual place ; Play.

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