Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is it Goodbye Peaches? but i can't sing!!!

I'm supposed to be having a wonderful week, in truth its been great fun, but i won't give it a complete 10.

It is with a heavy heart and a deep sense of regrettable relief i announce the parting of ways between I and my adorable Peaches... in as much as a lot of people didn't believe the relationship was not going to last, i tried everything I could to make it real, she barely even tried, and soon enough i began to feel as if I was the one who so badly wanted this relationship so therefore everything lay in my hands.

Tuesday was her birthday funny enough so i decided to take her to the movies then have dinner, but as usual she was more than willing to run off with er friends to meet other 'friends' for drinks somewhere else... like I told you guys i wonder what made me agree to this relationship, maybe it was because I felt i would be ungrateful if i showed her I didn't appreciate the affection she showed me as she mouthed the words "I love you to me" each time we spoke on the phone, or it was simply my own selfish reason of wanting to endure a possibly decent relationship after years of skepticism and playing cowboy.

Peaches was special nonetheless, tall and graceful, with a cute smile, her distinct sense of fashion gave her a funny eccentricity that I found endearing. In the real sense we made a lot of sense as good friends, and it was during the eve of the beginning of our relationship that i began to realize this, sadly I admit i was not man enough to tell her how much things had changed. maybe now I'll never enjoy that friendship anymore, maybe we'll just pass the remaining days of our lives never crossing paths again, I'm not sure.

Post Peaches era seems to have a lot of promise to it from the way things are looking, Thursday had me hanging out with the boys ; Mr. Capable, Mystery and Sills for a karaoke night at Play and we only succeeded in making torturous music for the decent patrons of the establishment... at least I found out one thing about myself; me singing in public amounts to one of the torture tactics employed by the CIA in retrieving information from enemy combatants.

Besides the singing there was also beer consumption on a partially empty stomach, apparently amidst all the fun Mystery and myself had forgotten the importance of food substance in the stomach while consuming alcoholic beverages so we were 3 steps above tipsy by the time we were through with our howling at Play.

I'll give you guys more info on the weekend as soon as I can...

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