Monday, May 18, 2009

Health Seminars make me sick..

“I don Come oh”
This time around I’m not gonna let anything put me down this evening, plus its game night so I know I definitely am going to be having a couple of beers at least. BTW (by the way; for those of you who don’t understand cyber lingua), Happy birthday to my dear friend, Skills. The crazy boy is actually the first person to start following my blog but I wonder why he doesn’t have his own blog considering the amount of activity the guy gets into around this Abuja. To have an Idea of what I mean, he’s a king Kong to my Mighty Joe Young.

The past few days have been interesting compared to the dull weekend that preceded it despite the lack of pleasurable consumptions of liquor or Booze. I was just having days that were worth thanking God for, but as usual, something interesting comes along to make sure you’re seriously dialed in to reality. First of all Human Resources at work felt it was adequate to organize a Health Seminar for all members of staff and in my experience these kind of things are not always fun. They brought in specialists to talk about various stuffs ranging from HIV/AIDS to stress and depression. The most awkward session happened on day two though when this big burly Doc was brought in to talk about Urology related ailments ranging from Prostate cancer to erectile dysfunction. Believe you me there was nothing comfortable about the whole session despite the fact that it was educating. For those of you who have such problems, I recommend the guy to you because he kept saying something about remedying such situations with minimal surgical incisions or so.

Besides that I’ve been deeply involving myself in a personal project that I hope will become a basis for my life’s dream, I won’t get into details yet now though, till I get a more structured blueprint.

Till next week guys, I’m sure by then the weekend would have brought with it a Post well worth writing.


  1. Good luck with your personal project..

    I guess anything sexual discussed amongst men is always an uncomfortable subject..

  2. discussing the male organ with respect to life threatening diseases is a highly uncomfortable matter but it still is educative and informative...