Monday, January 11, 2010

Is this a rant???

i've come again oh, like my friends say; "i no dey hear word at all... but WTF! why should i ever deprive myself of all the joys of feeling what could possibly be love. And so? what if I knew from the very beginning that it was bound to end before it ever began. I don't give a SHIT what other people think,I'm glad i experienced it all even if at the end of the day it hurts so bad right now. I accepted this reality long ago and like academics; there's always a practical as there is the theoretical....

I'm really pissed off though, guess its as a result of getting used to always getting my way. now i'm presented with a whole new proposal. You can't have it all, even if you've got so much invested in it.


I'm not sure if this is a rant guys, my guts are dying to spill out everything in them but i can't do that. the sure thing for me is that i'm gonna have a Topsy turvy emotional roller coaster for the next couple of months definitely.

One side effect to this whole thing is I've become morally bankrupt (with respect to emotions that is).

When you fall in love and you're so sure that it is love.... the feeling is overwhelming... undeniable and sometimes it would definitely physically affect you. experiencing that feeling along with the harsh realities that barring a a mighty intervention from God almighty, we were not meant to be together. I guess that's what's still keeping me sane as of now. Knowing that this was going to happen finally.

I know i have not lost someone, instead someone has lost me so i don't intend to go about sulking and cursing the world that i have been dealt an unfair blow...oh gosh It hurts.....

then there's the other ladies, i don't know why it's happening at such a time but i think its for the greater good. ladies please take it easy...lmao... yeah right, i just think what's happening to me is a good thing though.

Love, pain, Fun.... its all good guys....I'll be fine.

Tinkerbell ,makes me sad also. I told you guys there might and there might not be a story, well there's a story alright, but I don't think its mine to share right now.

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  1. Take it easy my friend, life goes on. Love happens, it may work or not, that is the way it is. I hope something else goes well...