Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mr. President and Mr. Terrorist....

A nation without a Leader, a nation that has been blacklisted because of the act of one single Nigerian. Nigeria!!! a failed state is what i'm close to calling us.

I think i've become really soft these days. Not really putting my foot down or being more outspoken. I guess that's because i'm trying to stay away from the frustrating world of ineffective government we Nigerians have found ourselves and have become comfortable in.

A country where Umar Yar' a dua has gone missing for more almost two months. It wouldn't be a big deal if he were not our very own President.

I've heard a lot about African Presidents being irresponsible, ineffective and Thieves but Yar' a dua's tenure has seen leadership of Nigeria sink to a whole new all time low. Forget about the whole amnesty thing, his first tenure has been an utter disaster. Whether he comes back in one piece or in a coffin he's practised the highest form of irresponsibility by any leader in Nigeria's history.

In my paranoid mind i'm sitting at my desk thinking about what could be much more worse than the state we currently are now. Yet there are still lower states to sink to trust me.

The Federal cabinet has become like a class without a teacher or a Class captain; all i hear is ; "vice- president orders ministers not to travel", then after that; "Ministers still embark on vacation trips despite orders from VP not to do otherwise"

It tells you the kind of Powers the VP holds. I mean the country finds it hard to look at the man as a leader since the elected one is MIA. If the dude even decides to do something now, it'll definitely be hard for him to be accepted because of how long he's taken to deliberate on taking necessary steps.

Then there's the Mutallab debacle, a young man from a rich family who decides that the next big step for him to take in his life will be his last and decides to blow up an American airline filled up with passengers. SHIT!!!

I could barely get any sleep the night i heard the news cause something kept telling me it wasn't going to be good. Then the news hit me. THE DUDE WAS NIGERIAN. how annoying could the holidays become; no petrol, mad working hours during the holidays, an MIA president, then this kid pulls this off. we've only just begun to see the repercussions.

Its difficult for me to smile when I think about these two situations, the kid would definitely be spending the rest of his life in some federal maximum security prison while the rest of his family become stigmatized and sometimes scorned.

In the case of Our missing president, its still a mystery,his aids or family are not forthcoming with details on his condition, which has left room for the tireless rumor peddling to continue.

Nigeria has seen her stock fall in the international scene for the past two and a half years but the Mutallab incident surely dealt us one of the heaviest body blows ever.

Being Blacklisted by a country like America would mean other Western states would follow suit shortly. And Yar' a dua is no where to be found to give instructions on how to save this situation....hmmmmmm.....

While what is left of this government is busy trying to hide the where abouts of their Oga what are we the masses doing about this situation? I don't want to believe Nigerians has become so accustomed to the ineptitude of their leaders that we wouldn't bother to raise their voices against this nonsense.... I don't think now is a time for us to let Interest groups with either axes to grind or lopsided interests to hijack this opportunity to speak against things like this.

Naija stand up oh.... i no go talk am pass this one... I heard there's going to be a march from the unity fountain to The National Assembly.... what will you be doing on that day? i sure wanna be there.


  1. take it easy on the man bwai,..its perfectly normal to fall i know a couple of developed nations who rallied behind they president when he fell ill. What's up with ur 9ja mentality? slow down !.He's not superhuman,talkin lyk.. cuz he is number 1,he shld neva spend a day in the hospital. That guy put a firm reign of law in place. Can u put a price on that? U wanna know what they've got here that don't in 9ja...?..."RULE OF LAW" and "EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW"...that in place,the legislators just lay back and make the laws,even the stupid ones. As per Abdulmutallab, America has got to protect they own...Jus unfortunate al-quida pulled that hit using this route,clda been any other.........ONeamongstmany,..Church!

  2. I hope this week proves definitive in terms of the current affairs in Nigeria. Anyone could fall sick but when you're the president of the country, you should not be handled the way it is being done with Yar Adua. Let him get him but let him resign.

    As for Mutallab, like anony said, it could have been anyone.

  3. @ Oneamongstmany; my point is not the fact that he's ill... its the fact that a 'vaccum has been left in the highest office in the land. even western or developed countries would not wait this long take necessary steps that would ensure stability in the polity. Instead we're playing clock and dagger with our national stability.
    And how can you tell me America has to protect his own, when the dude got radicalised outside the country..come on...
    British Citizens aren't put through the kinda shit we're going to be facing at LAX or JFK you know, and that was where the kid started getting all the ideas.... shit!!!

    @ Myne: This week has to end with an outcome, either we get the truth or someone slips and the whole drama is exposed...