Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Master, Master???

why do we become part of a crowd, a movement, cult, follower ship? to belong? is it a necessity? Is it all about conformity and integration? A feeling of semblance of society? There is a major desire amongst all of us. try as we all may to deny, we find ourselves belonging to something. WHY? I stand against this honestly, i believe in individuality. wholeness in one's self.

I sometimes wonder why we human beings tend to be like this, always seeking a leader to follow, always pointing towards a figure head. Why?

Since the time of documented history, mankind has always believed in being led by one man, be it a king, a regent, a war lord or simply just a man.

I recall the part of the good Book where the Israelites went to Samuel and asked him to give them a king. I wonder what was going through their minds at that time.

well they got one alright, one who fell from the lord's favour then went on to lead a campaign against the lord's chosen. He died on the run from his enemies after falling on his own sword. Even David who came after him fell by the way side after taking another man's wife. Yet the people follow these men and almost worship them.

Men always crave a leader, a Shepperd who they can follow. I'm always irritated when a man calls another 'master'. Is it not the same form we have all taken, is it not the same mind we create our ideas from.

I say all these things in hope that i have stirred something up in the minds of those reading this. in order to become a functional part of a society i believe we all need to become masters of ourselves. exceed preset limits.

Will you tell yourself that you do not look up to some one as a master. We all have done so at one point in our lives so it is not a travesty.

through out history, men who have led have also been led.

I just ask you all; do we follow these masters because they are the only ones who give us a semblance of direction or we just want to learn their ways so we can integrate them into our ways?

Do we follow these leaders because we believe their ways are much straight and pure than ours and We believe they can do no wrong?

What is your reason for following a leader?

Mine is to learn and grow, to become my own master.

What is yours???


  1. I believe that we always keep learning. Till I pass on, there'll always be people I look up to. Maybe not to lead me but to show the way. Food for thought....

  2. good one there Myne, I like they way you put it.... I just feel a lot of people have not realized being master of one's self is needed too become effective in today's society.