Monday, February 1, 2010


My friends have lost it. they have become full time harlots and sluts....yes you know who I'm talking about.... yes you know its you I'm talking to. Every day another different girl. God! what happened to you guys. I mean you never used to be like this you know.

Remember when you had just on girl and even if you had to get with another, you'd still say you loved your woman. Now all there is is that cold stare. Waiting like a predator. Striking with a calculated precision that causes me to wonder who I'm staring at. Do i really know you anymore? Mystery... yeah, its you I'm talking to. And to make matters worse, you've now found the best wing man any pick up artist would ever wish for, Phoenix. I mean you guys are "pimping" is what i would have said back in the day. but now i watch in derision as you guys go from one skirt to the other.

Lord help and save women folk from these two weapons of sexual pleasure. Last four times i ran into these guys i had given up hope of keeping up with the different names i had to memorize, so once i was introduced to any new one, I'd just stick to the official tag name; 'Abana'.

In an unconscious way i sorta envy these guys. Not really caring about one chick in particular, only hell bent on bedding them all. or maybe that's my extreme assumption.

or maybe the reason I'm thinking about it right now is cause i so badly hate the way i am right now. Strung up by my feelings and fighting so hard to move on.

I guess the next phase for me now is to be unattached and emotionally unprincipled.

I've never been like that, but i think i could do with a run of form like that.

So it seems i might have to get training classes from the best guys in the game, Mystery and Phoenix.

Guys! if you're reading this, best be ready for me. seems Style is back....I think.


  1. People, I am not as bad/good as he makes me look. Ahn ahn 'Style', the ladies are just friends... Abi na crime to be friendly? U know i love women cos i've got 2 adorable sistaz, & i happened to have come in between them. I'll never do to my friends what i can't do 2 my sistazz; But guy this is "SNITCHERY"..lolzz

  2. Mystery i hear you bruv... But it doesn't mean you won't give me some lessons..lool

  3. styl sup y u sounding like ur off ur game u know its not possible ur still a sharp shoooter. thanx for the phoenix ish its a compliment coming from u. neva luv an abana cos they all Bar(beaches). lol.

  4. @ Phoenix ; nice one bruv... i sure am gonna stick to your advice for sure.