Monday, February 8, 2010

To write or not to write....

I've been asked too write a tribute to my Grandma(yeah, i lost my Grandma a couple of weeks ago). Its really funny when i think about it, She was one of the dearest things to me when i was still pretty you but all of a sudden things just changed.

Alot of things probably caused it no doubt, especially with the fact that i started getting more interested in other things.

Now i can't help feeling guilty for being so self centered.

There are many things i could use to describe her but there's only one way that best describes her; the way Chairman loved her. I have to confess it really influenced the way I grew to love my own mother, and even further, the way I grew to appreciate women.

He never took anything for granted with respect to her, and was way too loyal to her.

I respected that love.
I loved her as well even if i have to admit that that i hadn't seen her in more than 3 years.
Memories too keep flooding back from time to time. Some beautiful, some sad, some plain outrageous.

I have to confess, I've got a great family, and a crazy extended family. Grandma was definitely the center of that universe. You would always see the love they had for her.
Out rightly she was old school but in weird ways she was liberal. I remember the first time she asked me how many girlfriends I had.... Your guess is as good as mine; even if she was gonna ask about my relationship with the other sex, i never thought it would come at me like that.
Days when I took a trip with her to her farm... me wey think se i be correct aje butter, I found myself in a town in the middle of nowhere, no electricity, no pipe borne water. entertained with the sounds of crickets and night animals.

She called me 'Baba oni cocoa'... saying I was the re-incarnation of her father.... every time i saw her, she'd sing his 'oriki' saying it was mine.

I barely understood most of the Yoruba she would speak to me, but i definitely never tired of her prayers.

Sadly her final years were not exactly her happiest, suffering from Parkinson's. She lived to be a great grand mother no doubt and many grand children were born in her time.

Her final rights will definitely be a celebration of her life... tears will be shed... but as Ijebus, party must happen.

Miss you Grandma. Rest In Peace.


  1. This is already well written. May her soul rest in peace.

  2. thanks myne... still haven't had the chance to get a hold of your book.