Sunday, February 28, 2010

Church for Yar' adua

Today's a Sunday, yeah, i didn't make it to church but i easily could have. I woke up this morning thinking About a lot of things.... most especially the reason why i wasn't even bothered about not attending morning service. Then I thought again what if I did? I probably would have felt the same. Or maybe I would have reconnected with the basis of my upbringings again... my faith would have been strengthened.... all these possibilities are true. they are glaringly true but I'll never know until I try. Church for me isn't the problem its the act of getting there, realizing that The hollowed chambers of worship differentiates you from another person is what disturbs me.

I see numerous people on a daily basis, i talk to several of them and as i do this, i realize how similar we are yet so different. they have their own views about life and in a small way we are all connected through one tiny aspect of each other's lives.
whether in views, religion, ideals, family or destiny. But one thing stands true; we are all Human.

Then i remember the days when Religion was one of the things that almost tore my family apart. Those days i watched helplessly as one person hauled the other to a church they didn't want to go to. It really made me wonder what the fuss really was all about.

And this was about the same christian faith, the only differing quality between the two options was barely noticeable.
Then I discover that one of the main subjects of discourse amongst we idle Nigerians is religion. despite our diversity we sometimes are oblivious to the sensitivity of the situation.
I've met several people who refuse to make religion a deterring factor in the choices the make with respect to a diverse range of issues and I've met people who do the opposite.
It never really sunk in until I got a feel of it; she said one of the reasons we could not be together was because I didn't attend the same church that she want to.... I couldn't stop myself from laughing.

Several instances have made me realize how unchanging the trend is to a large extent.

maybe I'm just being over dramatic i don't know. I guess I'll just say my piece and keep a lid on it from here on.


they're finally back. who said the dude was dead? we'll if he really is dead then who did the SSS do all the 007 movement for at 1:47 AM in morning. if the dude is truly dead then it means Nigeria is the first country to have an incapacitated dead president somewhere between a hospital bed and limbo.

but what is so interesting about this whole soap opera is the fact that the dude was brought back only when his people started hearing Impeachment Rumours.
There is a large number of hungry folk out here in Abuja and the only thing that feeds their hunger is power. from this point on 2011 looms large. the word on the street is that the North wants continuity in the zoning formula, meaning; the next president has to be from the North (if only we Nigerians we not this daft)......

the papers are calling one name mainly; Turai! the poor woman's reported scheming was one of the reasons Nigerians were treated to long periods of Hollywood styled suspense and thrillers.... in my opinion, she should better move over there and try her hands out at directing(though I doubt if she'll be a hit like Hitchcock).


  1. That was a hilarious sign off! Turaigate some called it. I do think a movie should be made and she should act as herself, lol. Fingers crossed for all of us and Nigeria. If only we could learn to do the right things irrespective of religion or ethnicity.

  2. As per the church/religion thingy guess you are right on point.Need i say more about Mr Turai?well,truth of the matter is that Mrs Umaru isnt 'himself' at this point in time .Heard from 'whispers' that he his more like a living dead.Praying and hoping God delivers Nigeria.nice blog by the way..............