Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Jingles......

2010 doesn't feel different.everything doesn't feel 2010 at all, its more like i just woke up and knowing that it's Friday. Yet all the ordinance and explosive like fire works reminded me there was something to celebrate....but what exactly? I worked late on new years eve and made it to church just 15 minutes to midnight. Good thing was i crossed over with my brother and best friend, we said prayers of thanks giving together and boy were there alot of thing to be thankful about.

WOW! a decade has gone by folks since we said good bye to the Ninties and here we are in a new one looking forward to what the future holds for each one of us.

Most important on my mind as i thought about 2010 was where i wanted to find myself by the time we would b ushering in 2011... what exactly did i want and where exactly did i want to be?

My own House, a woman i was i could call my partner and friend. As i thought about these things i began to feel the need for them, I mean i was beginning to feel like an alien in Chairman's house already... gradually becoming a passing shadow in a place i used to call home.

how drastically things changed, but a sure fact for a long time was that they definitely were going to.

Its not clear cut, precise, defined or organized, all i know is that i have to be where i want to be and have what i really need in 2010...

Then there's the part where the unexpected could happen. As part of celebrating the entrance into the new year, i was hanging out at Dub-C with the boys when out of no where i see Tinker bell sitting directly opposite me.
The first question that came to mind was; Where on earth had she been hiding, knowing how frequently i had double checked every petite, light skinned lady who came my way. I had expected her to have kids by now knowing that the main reasons why she disappeared was that she was to be married off. Now there she was sitting there opposite a place i barely expected to run into her...

As expected we saw each other, I'm not going to start talking about this story until i know for sure its a story... then I'll give you guys the dish... till then, PEACE...


  1. Happy new year Griffin, hope you had a good Christmas and some restful time-off? Who is Tinkerbell, she must be an ex?

  2. happy new year to you too Myne...she sorta was an ex..but boy was I crazy about her.