Monday, December 14, 2009


i always like to say good morning.... like i really mean it. I like to say "good morning" like i really mean it. It makes me connect with every one i say it to. So at the end of the day, i feel like I've made a connection with the world.... Its sounds like Hippie stuff don't it? lolol... i ain't a hippie though...

Work is something else.In my four months of work, i have not had a day i could describe as rudimentary or typical. Its been a whole different ball game every day.

The Christmas season; busy,no break and a whole lot of "Good mornings".....

Then i think about reflecting on 2009. A year that has typically been eventful, unforgettable (it definitely has been if you're me). I started writing this post two weeks ago but I've only had time to sit at my system just today. in 2009 I've changed from an almost 24 hour/ all weekend party animal to a 'i barely have a social life' kinda guy. and the creepy thing about it is, these two opposites basically have had six month life spans.


now 2010 beckons so glaringly and I'm forced to take sometime to think about what i really want to achieve in this new year; in the short term, i want two learn two new things: French and Swimming. yes, as embarrassing as it is, i still don't know how to swim all that well.

then french, i just love the language even though i have no idea of what they talk about more than half the time.

On the long term I'm thinking alot about being more and more on my own. I'm becoming more and more distant from my family and its beginning to tell on me. Not like i like it, but i have that feeling that in order for me to really appreciate them, i need to learn to survive by myself.

some of you guys already have a clear cut and defined plan for 2010 while some of you are like me, just making a few plans while you improvise as things come by.

I was supposed to turn in a letter to Santa but that never happened because of work.... so you could all say i had a bah- humbug kinda Christmas.

Happy new year folks! see you in 2010....

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