Thursday, December 10, 2009

Grinding Steel

I have abandoned you my dear Blog, to a life of Beeish Buzz (Doubt if that's right).

I have been enslaved by work, and other dramas. Leaving you my dear loyal blog to wallow in loneliness.

Will you forgive me. Will you take this heart felt words and trust me that soon i shall return. I have forced excuses at your page hoping you accept them for i have no other thing to say to you, explaining how i could be this irresponsible. What have i done?

Who will plead on my behalf oh Blog? Who will tell you how much i have missed you, that the things i left you for are nothing compared to the vast whiteness of you Word Sheet that allow me to express myself without censorship?

I truly am sorry.

I have been stung by Cupids arrow, Possessed by Thor's Hammer and have sought out a life in a world that even though real doesn't deserve to be permanently lived in everyday of one's life. When i have the shelter of you page to express and deliberate.

What sort of apple have i tasted that would make me see this world in a new light and abandon you oh blog.

I am on my palms, typing tirelessly at they keyboard, begging that you receive this offering of my words to pacify you. I honestly have nothing else for if you could receive flowers i would send you a 100 dozens roses.

My betrayal tastes like that of Judas 30 pieces of silver.

What have i done you might wonder oh blog?

I have loved, I have worked, but nothing compares to the satisfaction you have poured out upon me. My heart has become something geologically undefined... formed and crushed continually in chronological estimates that i feel as if its continuous deformation and reconstruction has created steel and hence if this breaking continues, shall fate grind steel?

shall fate take up this steel heart which still miraculously beats and continue to grind and tear and dismember?

Who shall love a heart as deformed as this oh blog... I look at your whitish splendor and i pour out every thing within this steel container. Its insides are still soft though, beating away and pounding.

Work has stolen my soul. work has taken me away from my family and friends. caged me in a world that i still don't recognize....

I know you'll always have me back oh blog, from the first moment i laid eyes on you i knew you were going to be with me till the end.

bear with me Blog... I shall return, not as frequent as you might hope, but i shall always think of you. returning to you, for only you give me this succor.


  1. As long as it keeps beating, see you soon.

  2. u should pour this afection on that girl u always spoke of...wateva happened to smiley?