Thursday, March 18, 2010

How much do you want it.......

For your information, i haven't answered that question myself...... Was looking through YouTube and stumbled across the title track for the Hip- hop world awards: how much do you want it? Then it hit me... "how much do I want it?" I've never pushed that question around in my head, instead i leave my head filled with ideas that I understand what it takes to want, to desire, to strive..... in truth, i might have the knowledge of what it takes, but have I applied it. Have I convinced myself how much I really want it? or its still an idea... an awareness that still hasn't been pushed into reality...

Its troubling when I look at things in that perspective, because in real time evaluation, I haven"t followed through despite my high expectations...
all I can recall is mediocrity.

Shiiittt!!! I've really done it this time.
All this while performances and results have never peaked slightly above average and I have allowed that discontent to marinate within me.

I guess its time to expel this troll of an attitude. To welcome this unicorn that in its rarity is pure perfection.

Why shall i settle for such a thing as this?

In distractions I have found excuses.... piling them on to obstruct my view form the goals I have set.

I alone can save myself. If I can realize all this then what am I waiting for?
I will not compare myself or deem myself better than the one ahead or behind me, instead I will elevate my standards above perfect and strive to become something out of this world.

In everything I do I must become a dominant specie.

Look at yourself and ask... have you realized this as well? Do you feel the weight of sub par performances and results weighing you down?

What do you want to do about it....
How will you go about becoming the best you really are?

To say you are satisfied is not just a quit notice, its a desire to become forgotten.....

Possibly like me you've taken the fictitious role of blending in with the back ground yet your soul hungers for something more, you attempt to subdue it insanely but it yearns for a bigger role, refusing to be buried in history's forgotten chapters, or worse still the appendix that was never written.

Well i say NO!!!

You or me shall not yield. our minds shall not become ceste pits of unexplored possibilities...

I challenge you like i do myself to become a figure and not a statistic...

How much DO do you want it?


  1. dis really speaks to me Griffin thanks!!

  2. We all have times like this when we need to answer that question. Thanks for a timely reminder.