Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Tweets...

just finished bowling with some of my colleagues at from the office. it sort of marked the end of the hectic holiday for us being that we all haven't had time to do what we guys usually do every now and then. Easter brought with it a mad rush never seen at the mall and we had one heck of a time managing things. tempers were tested (including mine), limits were exceeded....
one way or the other we all got through.
I have to say at this point that I'm proud of the guys I work with, i have developed a great deal of respect for the dedication they have put into their work.
In an hour or less I'll be on my way home tiredly excited to embrace my pillow and ignore the usual morning calls for the family devotion in the chapel when the normal people in the house get up. And my loving family would look upstairs and think; "leave him, he worked late last night".
I wish.....
not this time...
Tomorrow, even if i skipped the early morning prayers, I'd never be able to escape chairman. He's definitely going to look for me whether i like it or not.
For Pete's sake I missed his birthday and didn't even get him a card.... how would i explain to him that i though it was the 6th instead of the 5th???

I'm so beat... i need that rest and day off so bad.

I've gone BB crazy!!! its been just over a month now and i can't seem to stay in a conversation alone for a full 100%, instead, the conversation involves; me, my BB, the person/people I'm PINGing and the People/person I'm having the conversation with.

so if you're in front of me or chatting with me via BB, there's a high possibility that you're not the only one in an obscure conversation that involves talking about two different things at the same time. the only person who's safe would most likely be the person on the other side of the Pinging, cause he won't hear me laugh or get any "lol" instant messages for a joke he didn't crack.
on the other hand The guy/ guys in front of me would think I'm losing it.

Poor guy would probably think I'm trying to get rid of him faster than he'd want to leave.

So i discovered twitter... that land of brilliant one liners and short message tirades... e-toasting and hook ups. It's so bad I've almost done to Facebook what i did to Hi5.
though i still throw pictures on the damn thing every now and then.
Fortunately for FB I've got over 600 peeps I'm friends with n that's way more followers i have on twitter.

for me the family is small (or twam as my fellow tweeps call it) but one heck of a rowdy bunch.
i can barely stay away from the damn thing. Its just crazy.

Then there's the mad people I'm following who i wonder sometimes if they actually can be normal everyday folks in real life..... hmmmm....

for those of you who haven't... better go check it out.

I'm putting my right hand on my chest and swearing by my common sense that I'll try and stay out of the office tomorrow... get enough food into my tiny stomach while trying to avoid chairman.

You guys go watch 'Clash Of the Titans'


  1. I'll def be going to see COTT, missed it last week when it came out.

    So you missed your dad's birthday? You don enter am I guess, lol.

    as for BB and twitter, I'm on twitter and it just flows over my head, lol.

  2. COTT is a sorta cool in the visual sense, but they could have done better with the character development....

    Twitter is soooo cool *