Thursday, April 8, 2010

I neeed to make some money!!!

OK i just did something for free a lot of people would get paid to do.... advertise a product on their Blog... but heck. I'm doing it any ways. Its The event we do here at the mall every first Friday of the month.
Music and drinks all the way. One Headliner and a host of Up and coming artists.

It started out small but gradually its beginning to gain momentum.
First time we had Praise from Project Fame headlining for us then it was Mo-Cheda after that we were graced by the presence of Rooftop Mcs.

I'm not gonna let the cat outta the bag just yet, but its gonna be double bigger (if I'm permitted to say that)....

If you're in Abuja be sure to check it out.

its TG1stF : thank God its First Friday.


  1. Sounds interesting. If I send some friends along, will they meet you? LOL. Have a good weekend.

  2. its gonna be 'the most talked about show' in abuja... sure you can send some peeps over.