Friday, January 14, 2011

The truth will not be blogged today

Any time i set about filling this blank space with words, believe it or not I'm to a large extent filled with trepidation as to what would be the outcome...or is that it?

I always want to put up something new and fresh which is why i refuse to post anything if i still don't feel inspired. Truth is over the past couple of weeks my life has been dour..some sort of a bore really if you look at it critically and i refuse to share with you those thoughts of mine i have when I'm in deep deliberation by myself (well until they're well formed with conviction that is).

Truth is, all that has happened to me over the past few weeks are my business actually, and they'll stay that way.

......i could have sworn i had something to write here........

I'm probably not in the right frame of mind to write anything now, I'm tired, had a long ass day, was stuck in traffic & i saw her....

Seeing her today was... *again I'm not supposed to talk about that*....

Guys, I'm sure some of you are in love or aspire to be in love, some of you are probably married, with kids. On the other hand, some of you probably have had your own fair share of heart breaks and betrayals, lost a life partner or a mate.

But one thing makes it all the same, 'LOVE'. In a short period of time, i have loved and i have lost, i have walked away from one of the most important & wonderful things to ever happen to me in all my years of existence and its taking me a while to get over this. A lot of you are probably trying to figure who or what I'm going on about, rather than do that, just read my words cause they'll never come truer than this;Letting go is so freaking hard.

....that will be all for now.....

I'm probably not making sense cause i don't want to, its my blog so i can do whatever i want with it.

I'll end this with; Find love, be happy, get heart broken and never give up on love....


NB: This isn't about Smiley.


  1. if it was the best thing that ever happened to u, why let it go? and dt was a barely coherent rant lol

  2. hiss, so why bother write/blog if there was nothing to write or blog about instead of getting us all riled up with excitement