Wednesday, April 20, 2011

********ONE NIGHT CHAPTER 2 part 2*************

****ONE NIGHT***

In her mind she was unseen by the entire world around her, this side of her was rarely seen except by her family who she had grown distant from. She sat on the single hotel room seat alone in the room. The lights were switched off and it was eerily silent and cold all around. The floor maid who had brought up the extra bed sheets a few minutes ago was still in the maid's common room telling her co- workers about the woman in room 403.

In her words she was probably a spirit cause she couldn't under stand why someone would want so much extra bed sheets. If the room was too cold which she observed really was, why didn't she regulate the temperature to her liking.

The Strange woman had an idea the maid found everything all too creepy, but she didn't care, all her life she was used to getting those odd stares and receiving the odd compliment. She always wanted something more out of the way from her parents at an early age, but the end results would always reveal a most long thought of idea, sometimes dark one. This made her parents eager and wary at the same time whenever she asked for something. The results not at all times mischievous but most times self serving left them speechless.

There was the time she asked them for a flute. Both parents never knew she had any interests in music or had taken a keen interest in music classes at school. But hoping it was a heart felt interest that made this request so heart warming, they obliged.
The first few days of her receiving the instruments didn't reveal much. She clutched the flute all weekend as she got it on a Friday when her Dad came back from one of his usual out of town trips. But by the end of Monday the flute was gone.
A couple of days later She came home with a nice hair clip finely placed on her hair, this was followed by a bracelet and subsequently other fancy possessions that she claimed a nice teacher in school bought for her. At the end of the second week a nosy neighbor paid the family a visit and went on to causally state that the neighborhood blind man was making quite a fee for playing his flute at his usual spot. Apparently she had seen the little girl stop by the place more than usual.

That venture was immediately ended but she never gave up. From one scheme to another she worked on perfecting her ultimate plan.

Now here she was, sitting in her own sanctuary, thinking about the next move, Justice had obviously ruined things, but what ever was in that suitcase, it had to be most valuable, if not why would she have heard his father screaming at the top of his voice in a most unusual manner. Justices' father was known to be a most calculative man. Possessing a cold exterior that was only exceeded by his precise brain. Something that was responsible for making him the head of the Nigerian Intelligence apparatus for the past 15 years.

Just an hour after she confirmed Justice had left the house with the supposed case she heard him as she wandered down the corridor pretending to head to the kitchen to go fetch some coffee. His voice was almost unrecognizable as he screamed into the phone receiver, most likely at his trusted assistant; "its gone, the brief case is gone!!! what am I going to tell them??? they'll be here tonight God damn it!"

Justice had ruined things obviously, but instead of panic, her entire body was consumed with curiosity and thoughts of larger rewards.
Justice might finally be useful to her after all. There was just the slight problem of 'Who' the suitcase was with now.

She had not factored this into her plan at all. It was going to be pretty hard convincing Dubem to hand over the suitcase since to the best of the knowledge she knew nothing about it. Her plan wasn't full proof no doubt. It was going to be one that would sacrifice another plan she had been executing for over a year now, but no matter how ambiguous the story behind this suitcase seemed, the rewards seemed far greater than making Dubem realize there was more to his girl friend than he knew.

She would have to act fast.....

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  1. I can often tell a good story by its unpredictability. I really do not know like where this going but wherever it is, i can't wait. Palpable suspense!..