Monday, July 20, 2009


the eagle has left the nest so all the eggs have number 26 to themselves for the next 3 weeks....
lolol... i don't know what to say at this point. Chairman, maama & my dolls are off for the summer break and are taking a round trip from Morocco to England and then on to France and then back home. it sure sounds like fun, but i doubt if i would have had any with Chairman tagging along. Finally he has a reason to cross the Atlantic and leave us at home.

i've been very scarce in cyberspace these days so i mainly get most of my info through my boys ; SBB, Mr. capable and Mystery. infact i must confess there's being a lul in my weekend night life these days, i haven't see the inside of a club since last thursday and this weekend that was supposed to mark the beginning of three weeks of freedom was simply subdued...

i haven't even been to dub-c in since last thursday sef.

nowadays its from one book to the other. its even so bad that i don't even finish one before i pick up another.

thinking of starting French classes soon though, apart from that, i'm just floating.

been monitoring the transfer activities as well as the amnesty activities, and they all see so ridiculous in their own ways. God help manchester United and God save us from Yar' a dua.

Nigeria is being held hostage by militants who have gone as far as bombing lagos (my own lasgidi) and Yar' a dua is offering them amnesty, that never worked previously? offering the militants amnesty has never worked, especially when they attempt the ridiculous option of guns for money...

then the president states that amnesty is key to stable power generation. why can't we just give them resource control while focusing on diversification and let's watch them kill themslevs with their militancy. i realy am angry right now, cuase the more i think about it the more ridiculous we all begin to seem. depending soley on the resources of only one region?

meanwhile, the sheiks of Abu dabi have so much money, they've gone on a spending spree in the blue half of manchester. the only problem is, they've gone ahead with the spending, now SpARKY CAN FEILD ELEVEN PLAYERS AND 9 OF THEM WOULD BE STRIKERS (WORLD CALSS). all this is happening but Sir Alex only saw it fit to aquire one washed out legend and two promising wingers. still we have about 80 million pounds untouched. God dey sha.....

i'll holla at you guys later.

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  1. Lol.. A vexing man utd fan..
    Looking forward to the season as well..