Monday, July 13, 2009

Pure Limbo

its been almost a week since the end of my NYSC program and i'm still sitting at home, wondering and waiting. I've turned into a "readaholic' (my own invention); i practically read anything in sight, from toothpaste tubes to oil reports.

I think i'm going crazy.

the possibility of getting a job these days are so slim! was joking with a friend the other day and i told him the best prayer any unemployed graduate should have on his lips right now is ' lord let them all travel abroad for masters or something'. i'm not sure how long i can last sitting at home all day long. the thought of running out of money and seeing myself become dependent on a certain someone eats at my ego.

but despite all that i'm helplessly holding my head up high with a careless smile on my face.

all that aside, i'm just feeling mighty positive... with my bushy goatie and growing hair, i'm just not giving a *&^k.

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