Friday, July 3, 2009

The end of My service...

today is the my last day at BPE officially, sadly i missed my own send forth programme... but its no bad feelings right now... I'm much more uncertain than sad. no more assured allowee or monthly allowances from the office, now its down to the main hustle.
been playing with various ideas for the past week, and the only certain thing i know i need to do other than get a job is to upgrade. as in majorly. the miserable degree i got from school can't take me far, besides, I'm not sure i wanna practice what i read professionally, ideally.

so for a while i have to really leave you guys..... I'm still not done with the pondering and soul searching, but i definitely wish i won't be gone for too long.

i can't say i learnt much during this youth service year, though i've grown obviously, but i really hoped i would be much more exposed in the establishment i worked in, rather it made me see clearly the lack of respect given to graduates of this country. i'm not angry, but bitter.

it makes me want to ask the leaders of this country why they have refused to invest much more in the educational system.

now to make things worse, universities are on strike.

it really is sad.
Now i'm about to join the long list of jobless graduates strolling the streets.

make i send una my CV?


  1. again you impress with your note. nice one.

  2. its crazy bro,wonder wen im gon get to ride a 6m suv n own a crib @lekki on this less than 200gs in 30days of my precious lifetym.Join the bandwagon,man...nxt stop...the queens land.
    AY.Jim. Oyeleke

  3. they say a hungry man cant think straight. but it takes a greater man who is hungry to use his hunger as light to his path. f all the inspiration words. u have to be a go getter. let tha hunger consume u that u would do great things. i look forward in drinking a glass of water in 'your' house.

    Senator Tuga 2011. Ijebu East Local Government.