Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MJ's gone and so is STep's Dad.....

"Micheal Jackson is dead!"
i couldn't believe what i was seeing on the TV monitor that night at Play. wacko jacko as the media named him had died of a cardiac arrest after being rushed to the hospital in los angles when he was found not breathing. Many have written comments about the whole misfortune ; a lot of tributes and a few bad comments but no one can ever take away what this man brought to the world in form of his songs and entertainment quality.

his charitable works were numerous; from songs such as heal the world to earth song, MJ always made sure he stayed in reckoning with what ever could continue to give him relevance. over a period spanning almost 4 decades he was always there in the spotlight.

the moonwalk, the thriller video and Bad, all that made MJ one of the easiest reference points of several generations.

it is there fore right to say that this talented figure will surely be missed and could as well be classified as a true legend when you add all the above listed with the fact that he was the unrivaled 'king of Pop.'

before you all start to think that I'm one MJ fanatic who blindly followed him through all the negatives, well i want to make it clear at this point that i am not too fund of him as a person.

i just cannot accept the various things he did to himself as well as reportedly others even if he had a weird childhood. All the child molestation accusations and skin color change as well as the nose job really put me off and i will not deny i took opportunities to throw snide remarks as well as make bad jokes about his life choices.

but the truth is Mj did far more good than he did evil, even if he rubbed some people off the wrong way, his works definatley shook all of us the right way. fusing R & B with rock and so on, creating break through videos and most significantly breaking the monopoly of Rock videos on MTV.

right here in Naija his works were an inspiration to early time artists and it also encouraged others to go in new directions for want of pushing the envelope.

like i told another facebooker after hearing the news; 'its because of MJ you can shake your head to a song like gongwo aso'.

meanwhile this post was supposed to be about someone else's death rather than MJ's . A dear friend of mine lost her Dad a few weeks ago and I've been tortured by guilt because I had promised myself that i would be there for her in her time of need, even if i had hoped that it wouldn't come soon. Step was my old flame when i lost my mum a few years back and she stood by me while i went through a whole lot of motions at the time. I saw myself drowning in anger and alcohol but no one could really help me deal with the loss. But she stood by me as long as she could. It really helped me pull through at the time. She now works in Lagos while 'm here in Abuja. i spoke to her several times and she seems to be doing well, but it just doesn't feel enough.

The guilt is killing me oh!

meanwhile, all this talk about the article by Reuben Abati is really generating a lot of comments back and forth, basically it seems that there are three camps; the quiet and not angry ones, the upset and vocal ones and the angry and down right insultive ones. i think i belong to the second camp because i feel dissapointed in the article, but as 'Speech Girl' said, every one has opinions so he was just expressing his. its just too bad that someone like him will see alot of things wrong rather than right with what our generation has to offer. Maybe i'll just buy him a Wande Coal and SHank CD then hope and pray he has a change of heart when he realizes the way he moves to their music.
sorry for taking too long in updating peeps...... i'm gonna be leaving my present place of work cause i'm through with service, so it might take a while before my next post. trust me though, i won't be gone for too long.

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