Monday, June 8, 2009

Mind Bending ..


I don't know what's wrong with me this morning.... i'm not sure if I got enough sleep through the weekend.

I am now a mind bender so indulge me while I perform my mind bending techniques on you;

‘ I’m sitting there staring at her, ……… as she types away at her laptop keyboard, concentrated intentions carved on her face, I’ve never told her before but I get helpless when she looks like that. I just lay beside her on the long chair, pretending to watch the match but the truth is I wanted to fuss all over her……………..’

What the hell is wrong with me, I’m loosing it, literally. She’s taking over my thoughts and I’m not putting up much of a fight. What the heck, why should I fight it? Lol….. I dey pity myself.

Since Thursday I've been hooked on the American animation series 'Avatar;the last Airbender'.

If most of you are un familiar with it then I won't waste your time. Its just an animated series with a great story and believe me I've fallen in love with it completely.

Was at Play again last Thursday for 'BYOB'. caught a glimpse of M.I then that was it.

1:30 AM and we were done with a bottle of smirnoff Vodka, Alize and Hennessy.

Every thing seemed to be going fine when we all decided to hit the sack. On the way home, SBB started to drive funny. Having both been involved in a car crash before, my survival mode kicked in so I started asking him questions. His responses were slurred and the car started going from side to side. SBB was in 'God mode'.

What is God mode you might ask?

‘God Mode’ is defined as the level at which one looses control but is instead left in the hands of nature to determine his/her actions and it is attained while consuming large quantities of alcohol.
It is important to note that ‘God Mode’ does not manifest in the same way in varying individuals. That is left in the hands of nature.
Most people who have experienced ‘God Mode’ tend not to remember most of what they did while in that state.

Lolololol …. (Yeah right, like that’s supposed to make sense).

SBB got us home with very minimal incidence. I rushed out of the car and said a little prayer for him even if he stayed just down the road.

By the time I saw him the next morning, he had no recollection of the events after play and was rewarded with a Hang over.

‘I held her in my arms and she just lay there, I looked at her and wished I could kiss her but I could not, I wasn’t sure if I would survive one more refusal. All she wanted to do was talk, but I wanted more than to just talk. I had her in my arms finally, held her close for re assurance yet we just sat there and talked. My mind kept racing, barely staying focused on one single thing.

Then she looked into my eyes and asked me; "what do you think of me?"

" I ..I...". my tongue failed me, I sat there thinking, not of what to say but why I couldn't say what I ought to say.

then I messed it all up, i still can't remember the words right now, all I know is that they didn't give me the desired reaction. She wasted no time in re- adjusting herself. By the time she was out of my arms i got a mini - schooling.'

The Last Airbender is a wonderful story, its got lots of characters with interesting story arcs and is entertaining to not just young teenagers but young adults as well. Central to the various characters in the series are the four basic elements of the world; Earth, Fire, Wind & Water. Most of the Characters had the ability to control at least one of the elements. But the main protagonists had the ability to control all four. And he was most Dangerous in what is called the 'Avatar state'.

But I didn't wish I had the ability to control any of the elements or be master of all four this weekend. I wished I was a mind bender. Who could manipulate Diva's mind and make it see reason with me. lololololol.

All in all I had fun this weekend. Diva put me through my paces and I realized how much I had to learn. Hooked up with Princess and her friends then went club hopping. Saturday and Sunday were rather laid back, but i still feel tired and sleepy. Maybe its old age.

Meanwhile, if any one sees me entering Aristotle again, they should use me to play, pin the tail on the donkey.

I doubt if I bent your mind.


  1. HUMAN MACHINERY.June 8, 2009 at 7:41 AM

    YES THIS AVATAR IS CREATING A MAD BUZZ. I DONT SUPPORT THE PIRATES THAT SELL ALL THESE MOVIES ABOUT BUT THEY HELP SAVE US FROM BOREDOM. ALTHOUGH it is just better to watch a movie with dvd quality or watch it at the movies cause having been used to good quality, it is hard to get back to rubbish.

    u should kiss her and just tell her hey i like u a lot and that is good enough for u now. just go for it. u have the balls remember.

  2. Hmnnn...the best i've read from you. Aristotle..FAKE GUYZZZZZZZ