Monday, June 15, 2009

The withdrawals of Dust and Corruption....(A meaningless title.)

I have come to the absurd conclusions that my friends are not human. Yes I mean it. For the past three days they’ve showed no signs of letting up. I’m trying to keep up but…….

All in all, I watched them consume two bottles of Vodka, one red label, a martini, one Amarula and a Bottle of Remy Martin (this is not taking into account the large quantities of beer in between). As at Saturday while still following them on their ‘end to end waka’, I still heard some one boldly ask the question; “so what are we doing tonight”. I almost thought I was going to slump and die at this point.

I’m doing all this right now cause I’m on a booze break …… yes Booooozeeee break.. for those of you who don’t believe me.
I have no explanation to give any one.

These guys are still not letting up. We were soon heading for the fish market at Abacha barracks cause apparently everyone was fed up with all the proper establishment, so we wanted something new. So fish it was.
Before I go any further, I should let you all know that I have an adverse reaction, to sea food and fish especially. But you see, Fish is something I have just started to develop a liking for so you can imagine my dilemma when I found out it was in my best interest not to partake in the sacred and sumptuous ritual of fish eating. If I hear… no be just Alanta I go dance?

I had always heard they had great fish at Abacha Barracks, but the scope was one thing I never thought about. Apparently we hadn’t taken the rain into consideration as a possible obstacle…
The market was filled to the brim, beer stalls had already started setting up chairs and tables virtually on drainages and it made passage difficult.

Did I mention that I’m also allergic to rain water as well? No sooner had we sat down and placed our orders for fish did I start to feel the itch. But it didn’t seem like a big deal, until the fish came that is.
I angled one of the grilled sweet smelling trays of fish in front of me. As soon as it landed, a whiff of the aroma came to my nostrils along with some steam, immediately the steam settled on me, It was like a trigger, Alanta…… “e just be like se fire dey catch my body, Alanta, Alanta, Alanta….

I was just itching away, oblivious of who was with me….. but I noticed the fish was getting massacred. Omo I leave body start to dey chop fish oh. As one of my girls (Effects) said... Chop and scratch…lololol.

And I soon broke my withdrawal oath.
There was no better way to break the oath than with a bottle of Big Stout. Seriously it was worth it.
It wasn’t like I had been trying to quit drinking; I just needed to feel clear headed for a period of time. Now I won’t say I’m back. I just hope I’ll be able to exercise moderation.
Right now I’m reaping partial rewards for my withdrawal. No more difficulties getting out of bed any more and I’ve sort of gotten rid of the mild shaking.
Though I still owe myself; 350 push ups, 600 sit ups and 400 pull ups. I just hope I get all that done before I really start feeling out of shape.

Meanwhile I there is anew movement in town and its catching on fast these days. It would be a hell of a task trying to educate people who have no idea of what I’m talking about, but in truth all it takes to catch up is a free mind.

Its got a lot to do with humor and well thought of senseless talk…

You guys will get the picture soon.

Its called 'Dust'.

I have been engaged in a lengthy discussion with a few concerned Nigerian on Facebook and it has been enlightening and encouraging. The premise being the dissection of the Speech Nuhu Ribadu gave before the United States Congress. It made me wake up to some realistic questions we as Nigerians have to start asking our selves critically.

When do we want corruption to stop?

Are we all interested in seeing the end of corruption or we’re all the same waiting for our respective turns at the National cake?

If we genuinely want Corruption to end, in what way are we making a difference?

These three questions were at the back of my mind amongst many that I really wanted to focus on as I engaged in this discussion. Various suggestions were passed around and discounted as well as approved of. At the day I believe that one common problem hinders our common development as one nation. It is a lack common interest that stops us…

As long as East and West, North and south, middle belt and south- south, don’t realize that we all eventually have to work together, not as a government alone but as common society, we’ll always be in this present situation.

But once that is over come, and then we can start talking about building a new corrupt and improved nation. All this present talk of re-branding Naija is a waste of time and resources.

A sample of Dust:
Me; I’ve just joined a new secret society….
Friend; what’s the name of the society?

Me; Eggs…
Friend; Eggs???

Me; yeah Eggs.
Friend; So what do you guys do in your secret society (sounding curious)

Me; nothing much, we’re just eggs…
Friend; ???


  1. drunkists,...u n dat 3inch dude

  2. Nice you'll could start a good job by posting more of your view on rebranding Naija. it will go a long way.... What is eggs? i guess you are about to give us a little tril with that soon.. Nice job Griffin

  3. i know^ did not just say "drunkists" lmao.

    so u're allergic to seafood and yet u ate it...reminds me of a friend who would walk around with a bottle of Benadryl(helps with allergies) just so he could eat the stuff that we were all eating

  4. @ 48; yeah i'm allergic to seafood as well as nuts, believe me i really had it bad after that day. I think i'll try the Benadryl soon.
    Eggs is just what it is..... EGGS.