Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Enter Freeze, a wedding full of beauties

I feel dizzy and unwell. No, this time it’s not from too much partying or overdrinking or a hang over. At all, like I said in my previous post, I’m seriously cutting down on all that, besides, I’m about to end NYSC so its going be down to serious life issues any moment from now.

I’ve got a seriously annoying cough and I’m filled with enough cough mixtures I’m beginning to suspect I’m high. I had two table spoons of Actifed down my throat before 8:00 Am yesterday and soon enough I was so sleepy, I found it difficult crossing the road. I just ran into Yeti’s Office and practically slept through the most productive part of the day.

And about the previous post; I know a lot of you guys who read it were wondering what my talk was all about, don’t worry.

I’ve been focused on trying to complete Wole Soyinka’s :’The Man Died’ so I totally got immersed in it and by the time I was typing the said post I found myself a bit too connected to his writings hence the post as a result of that said Connection.

I have to confess that the early part of my weekend was rather forgettable save for the appearance of a friend I thought long lost. I met Freeze about two years ago or so, when I used to hang out mainly at Mystery’s crib. We’d all go down the local corner stall and have a smoke and stuff but all of a sudden he just disappeared completely and no one heard from him. Then all of a sudden he calls me up and tells me to meet up with him at a local beer parlor we used to go to (apparently he just got in from jand). I and the rest of the guys had stopped hanging out at the place for our own personal reasons but I had no choice but to oblige him.
I didn’t let him go that easily though, I first of all berated him for skipping town on us without leaving at least a contact e-mail address. After apologizing several times I agreed to meet up with him. Save for that part, my weekend was just below par, and then Saturday came. It was supposed to be a simple wedding, normal gathering of the couple’s loved ones and friends to celebrate their union. But no, it wasn’t that simple. I first got wind of the wedding earlier in the week, so I had all my friend’s have the date in mind. I mean if a former QC chick was getting hooked up in Abuja and she was just over 22 years of age, it meant most of her single friends and former class mates would definitely be there. Lo and behold, when Saturday came I wasn’t disappointed with what I saw.
‘As in ehn’ (Jennifa Biggs girlz English ohh people), the amount of beautiful women that were on display was almost paralyzing. Almost the entire crew was there save for SBB who had to work unfortunately. I was dumbfounded, yet excited, left right and center they walked and sashayed all around me, leaving me with much hope and aspiration. Me that had previously sworn not to go to weddings anymore was now having a good time at one.
I wasn’t looking bad myself though; my tall frame was well placed in my black suit looking all laid back with out a tie. So I’m proud to say I caught more than a few eyes staring back at me.

The music was mainly about the present day Naija artist’s expressions of love and all; from Bracket to Darey.

The wedding really was a lot of fun. Friends of the bride were dressed in black with touches of either green or blue and I have to admit that I stared at more than one with longing expectations of a ‘hi’ or ‘wassup’.

Another reason why I wanted to attend the wedding was because of ‘Neo’. The girl I had initially hoped to be the one (as her name aptly indicates).

We hadn’t seen each other for months and had barely spoken on the phone in an equal number of time. So when I walked up to her table with a smile pasted across my face, I was glad she seemed equally happy to see me. I hoped she could read from my eyes what I was trying to convey; which was I’m glad to see you’re doing fine’. We barely talked after that. She left sooner than I had hoped but then again, I’ll defiantly run into her again.

So at the end of the weekend, I started to think. If I was given the option of either going clubbing night during the weekend or attending weddings that had this much beautiful women every fortnight, the answer would be a no brainer. SO Abuja, I think you guys have to get ready for your own version of ‘wedding crashers’.

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  1. HUMAN MACHINERY.June 24, 2009 at 2:50 AM

    HELL YEAH BRO. WEDDINGS WITH CHICKS, DRINKS (VERY IMPORTANT AT LEAST WINE IS AVAILABLE IN GOOD QUANTITY), A DJ OR AT LEAST GOOD MUSIC TO MAKE U DANCE. one thing most chicks do which is a no no, stop sitting all together at the table. sometime just take a stroll, or be at a random table and hey if u want just ask a guy u want is he ok. cause i know they come to the weddings to find man.

    Now we need more young people at weddings and not old folks who just out of boredom come to the wedding. They can come to the weddings and just bring their gifts and leave early or better still send your gifts through your son or daughter. abi ?