Friday, September 17, 2010

The End had been nigh...

So today's my last day on the job, it was supposed to be the 1st of October.
I got called up to the Boss's office and was told my services were no longer required after the end of the work day.
Now what do you know?
13 days to my final day and they drop this on me.
I apparently had it coming. I mean my attitude changed and I only performed my basic duties not pushing myself up to and beyond my accustomed limits.
One significant thing I had stopped doing was addressing Memos that related to finances. It was my own way of considerably reducing my activities to a bareable minimum. I found nothing wrong in this decision personally. Apparently other people did.
Now I'm sitting at a cozy joint reflecting on the past 13 months of my life at this establishment.
One thing is clear, it was never a complete waste of time. Maybe time could have been properly manageddoing other self improving and productive things but I confess that I don't entirely have good things to say about my departure.
I'm not one to dwell on the trivial to be honest but now I see that it is the very things I considered trivial that have placed me at this current position.
In truth I have always had issues with authority right from a young age and I can't say I learnt or adapted to the whole structure within this new establishment. All that mattered was the job and the result. All else was trivial (call me Achilles). And I can assure you I did my job with aplomb.
But just like mythological Achilles my weakness was apparent, not a physical appendage but I confess it was very visible to the trained eye.
I choose at this point not to point a finger, though I must confess that I have lost a friend I considered valuable.

Life must go on, and it already has. My mind though at this point is still saturated in a mixture of anger, sadness and excitment, it still is perplexed. WTF happened?
Its funny how I never referred particularly to anyone in my office directly on this blog, guess its cause my subconcious knew things I didn't.
Like I said about this same time last year; the future isn't all too clear, but I'm walking into it with an open mind and something tells me you'll not always have to check my blog to hear about me.

You think I'm not in any way scared. Maybe slightly.... But yet again, uncertainty does that to you.


  1. Wow, that's a big deal. I hope things work out pretty soon for another job.

  2. life is a challege and this is one of the challeges.the last person you call your friend can be your best still have a long way to go,this is just the begenning.see you ahead of your