Thursday, September 2, 2010

Swiss Beatz isn't gonna be here....

"I've got a million ways to get it.... choose one, Hey!!! bring it back, double your money and make a stack..... I'm on to the next one..."

I'm so biting Jigga’s flows..
"big pimping in the house now...."

I've always been a fan of Jay-z, in more ways than simply his Music, he's inspired me.
Bone all that Illuminati talk abeg...

this is a man who started from barely scrap to hustling in the streets... making his name into a major brand.

His story is one of Perseverance and Dedication to his Art, consolidation and finally diversification.

Then there's the hot chick on his arm.... Upgrade who? she better think twice, that dude needs an accessory, not an upgrade.

"I don't get dropped, I drop the label.... "

I just made a big decision, i walked away from a likely secure position, now i see myself in a wilderness of uncertainty.

I have ranted, complained, bitched about how crappy and interesting my job is.... but at some point i decided to give myself an expiration date.

A date which would either see me leave this company or rededicate myself to it.

Now the date has come and sadly I have to say, it sees me saying 'goodbye'

I turned in the piece of paper yesterday...
A month from now, I’ll begin working for Chairman.

Yeah! A lot of you who know about our relationship will be wondering what could possibly lead me in this most unlikely direction....

Truth is, i just have a feeling about this, a desire, to build something... to create an empire....

"Niggaz don't be mad cause it’s all about progression, loiterers should be arrested...."

It truly is all about progression, and from my stand point, Progression doesn't come if you sit by waiting.

You could argue that I enjoyed the privilege of meeting people and making contacts. The truth is even if I had met a thousand people who were viable contacts, I’d probably not be ready.

Whatever was there for me to learn, i had seen and learnt and discovered i had no interest in such.

My mind had become suffocated, gasping for air in the face of a controlling central structure, the whims of ruling overlords and the bickering of the very embodiment of too much estrogens.

I had survived all this for 12 months (that itself is an achievement).

So now that this chapter winds to its end, the phrase is ; "on to the next one"

Jigga made several multi- platinum selling records and still is waxing stronger in other aspects of his business...

I sit here, with no other job offer.

I'll always cherish the memories i have of this place, and the people...

It was a wonderful one year. A year of awakening. An awakening of the desire to become my own man.

This place sure taught me how to cultivate that desire.
Now i have to put to practice what i have learnt.

It’s not going to be an easy road for me, but I’ll have to take it one step at a time....

"....the world can't hold me, too much ambition..."

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