Monday, August 23, 2010

Ungrateful Rant

I learn every day, from other people and events around me, but like many other people, experience being the best teacher is the one closest to home.
Experience unlike other teachers doesn't give you that menacing stare or that whip on your behind.
Its not far off for you to watch.
Experience is you in the act, doing the act, experience is in your head, recording every decision, every action.
When the end of the particular lesson is there for you. Your mind plays you the reel.
You see it all, as you acted it out. Word for word, taking you through every moment and emotion, you can never escape it.... cause if a similar scenario plays out, experience plays out in your mind and you're immediately alert.

I've got a great relationship with experience for one simple reason; i no dey hear word. Tell me not to do something one minute, I'll most likely be doing it the next moment your face is turned away.

I'm just like that. Maybe its cause of being indulged as a child. Don't think I'm blaming my folks cause they definitely tried to correct me, but my extremes where, lets just say, bothersome....

I've spent a year working day and night for this company, and for the first time I'm going against my norms; which is being unreasonably stubborn. Now I'm just fed up.

Typically i would have stuck to my guns and said I'd see this through, stick it out through all the shit I've been shoveling.
Tell anyone who cared that i wasn't going to do what was expected of me. Because the truth is, this place sucks. After a year and I'm still given the same treatment, if not worse.
Rather than wait for my reward here, I'll expect it in heaven.
In no way in my employment contract did they say either party was a charity or a volunteer program.

Employment agreements in Nigeria are becoming more like slave contracts day by day. Sadly no one seems concerned cause the next guy doesn't mind having your job. In Nigeria its better to have a job that offers shit than become inventive or requires you to think on your feet.

In a lot of ways I have no idea what life after I leave this place is going to be like (maybe i will sooner than I think). But I'm sure I'm fed up of this kind of ass kissing.

All around me, ingenuity has died, instead, what is replaced is a desire to please the boss.

Its utter rubbish, and in my own opinion, has strong signs of the death of individualism.

But who am i to say anything....

I'm just the supervisor......


  1. i feel ur pain boss, just got a job offer myself, might turn it down sef

  2. jo oh... please reconsider, at least state your own demands first nah, may be you guys can reach a compromise....
    I'm being offered a job myself, by my own Chairman.... i earn based on profits... we split it 60- 40