Friday, September 24, 2010

So Far....

By tomorrow, it would have been a week since I left my previous work place and it'll also be five days into the new one.
Yes, it didn't take that long.
I apparently have been fight this battle for so long, running aways from what seemed like my inevitable destiny.

Many years ago when I was still in college (University like we call it also), Chairman hauled me down to Abeokuta to be on site with him... In the midst of my grumbling and obvious disgust at being pulled away from the opportunity to be a typical teenager, I found myself sweating it out with men, even going as far as hauling equipment through over growth. On one of those days, he mentioned something in passing that has in some way, now taken full form. He said.. "After all, I set this all up for'll be the one to take over all this one day..

Almost 8 years down the line I'm sitting here, in my office which is adjoining his, as the newly appointed Project Manager.

I admit I fought this thing for many years, telling myself as well as who ever wanted to listen that I wanted nothing to do with this company.

Infact, Chairman and I could barely stand each other most times.

Its my irony in every sense.

Now I see a much more potent challenge in front of me. My previous job compared to this was a walk in the park.
Now I have a lot to prove to myself and day by day it becomes much more apparent that I haven't seen anything yet.
If chairman has any faith in me, I do not know.
Each day that passes by will tell.

In other news, some sort of normallcy has returned back into my life, my world no longer revolves around the four walls of a building and the world definitely seems much more bigger once again.

Maybe I'll finally have more time for blogville, I know not.

Have you guys been keeping abreast of the happenings in the political sphere? Nuhu Ribadu just declared his candidacy for the presidency.... Eheheheheheheh.... I fear I might wake up tomorrrow to find out Donkeys have started flying.... *ooopps*

Lemme take the opportunity to wish myself !!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Yes.. It seems self absorbing but truth is I don't expect it to get much more exciting than this.

Later peeps... Deuces!


  1. Hey Griffin, how you dey? Nice post...congrats on your new job, higher and higher you shall go! I'll buzz soonest.

  2. Congrats on the job, you're working in the family business. Why were you running, lol. Hope you and your pop get on better now.


  3. Nuhu Ribadu?? For president??? I'm soo out of touch!
    Btw, donkey's DO fly (see Shrek pt. 1).

    So have you moved out of Capital Territory for good? Congrats on the job. Break a leg!
    Of COURSE your father trusts you, he would have squeezed you in someplace with minimal damage to him if he didn't have faith in you.

    Happy baiday!