Saturday, October 9, 2010


OK OK.... its not twitter's fault this time. Its work oh... about 3 weeks into the new job and things are happening.

Got my first verbal warning from the boss bout 2 days ago, and trust me, it wasn't about my work. Predictably it was about my manner of reporting.

Apparently he expects me to be back at the office by 5:00pm to give him a status report of my daily activities.
*blank stare* I'm looking at him like, oga, you've got an i Phone with Internet facilities as well as a Black Berry with BIS, an e-mail address. and you expect me to always come back to the office by 5 o' clock.

hmmmm.... i never get power.

But all in all its a good life, I get up like i usually do, i get dressed for work and head downstairs to the office. The uncertainties keep me excited.
I always head out with a positive view and my to- do list.

And it seems like Chairman knows I'm not putting APL in my long term plans.

The humorous side to the whole thing is the attempted hook - ups Chairman has tried to arrange.
He doesn't even try to hide it.. (guess its in line with his vision 2011*).

ooh; vision 2011 means that AT least one of the three of us must be having a wedding by this time next year.
Na the man know oh....

I'm staying away from woman wahala for now (except for Choc _The_Ripper).

The other good news is Elow came in last week and we had a ball throughout. For the first time in almost a year i had all my Eggz in one basket.
it was Eggz style chilling all the way, which culminated in the small shindig we had at Mr. Capable's madam's house and lets just say the guys did a little bit of choreography......

From there we moved on to our new office (Stadia)and then on to Aqua.
I'm proud to say that we all have HOs or other ailments to show for a night alcoholically well spent.

SBB didn't hear his alarm go off this morning, Mr. Capable had too be pummeled awake, and Chairman thought it fit to wake me up an hour and a half after i finally went to bed. The only people who got off easy were Mystery & Phoenix.

Now the problem i have is getting back to sleep. My restless mind won't let me.

Well, in other news, the bomb attacks near eagles square almost ruined the Nigeria at 50 celebrations. The saddest thing about the whole tragedy is the quick finger pointing and the unguarded statements being made.

I have expressed my displeasure at the lack of professionalism shown by both public servants and Security Operatives in Government,but this past week has seen far more lows.

I'll save all that for another post.

My parting shot is;

Who ever thinks voting for IBB is a good idea should get off this blog... "Short term memory span having pant"
mean while, go check out my boy's blog i dey manage the boy (my Guy my G)

as always.... Deuces!

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