Friday, October 15, 2010

The Judas Effect.

Friend ship is a funny aspect of life. We all have our distinct and dare I say peculiar ways of navigating.

Tonight I confess I'm bitter and vexed. I experienced a sour aspect of friendship I pray we all do not encounter. That which makes those who have experienced such similar encounters bite their lips so hard, they taste the blood.

Betrayal. So true and so real. Starkly available for those unassuming.

Yes, I feel betrayed. By someone I risked trusting. Someone I hoped would prove all else wrong.
Now I have become another recurring statistic.
"How many of you have been betrayed by a loved one or friend?" And my hand would go up almost immediately if I was to be honest with myself.

I'm a very loyal person. And what makes it worse is, I demand almost equally the same in kind. Though I have come to expect that such a thing is not possible.

But here is someone who I expected a whole lot from. Who I believed valued a friend ship long nurtured.

And in one fell swoop he turned his back on me and let the vultures circle.

I feel anger, pain, disgust and sadness.
He has played his part in the life lessons I must learn.
And today, after weeks of denial and prodding. I finally burst with all the available emotions.

"Guy, I was loyal to you as a brother, I regarded you with the utmost respect, but your actions proved to me that you are just.... Human."

I rest my case.

It is finished...
I hope the 30 pieces of silver buy you more than a field.
Doubt if you’d hang yourself sef.


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