Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kagashi Bunshin!!!

you might be wondering what has gotten in to me concerning the title of my latest post... well that's what i wish i could do right no so i could experience all that i wanted to at the same time. Since i started work more than 3 weeks ago I've had to spend the most of my life working Long hours. i just finished a two week working marathon and its not looking like I'm nearing an end. Unfortunately my body has finally given in and craves rest. hopefully administration should work out a roaster that'll ensure i get time off.

I mean considering the character Naruto could develop several clones of himself using a particular justu that and still experience the various emotions and memories they all felt, it sure seems like a good idea considering my situation. i mean, I'm way behind on hanging out with my boys, spending quality time with smiley and playing with my dolls. i mean, one of them kept asking me through out the weekend why i had to go to work every single day.

what i would give to posses the jutsu of kagashi bunsghin.....
well in the words of my boss when he addressed us for the first time; "your lives are going to solely revolve around this company".

Right now I'm down with my first fever in almost 4 yeas and quite honestly it feels odd and annoying.
From my business manager to my colleagues, I've been advised and ordered to go home and get some rest. my head of HR even threatened to issue me a query for not taking a break.
its not like I'm feeling like one hardworking, dedicated worker, i just feel, its too early to cave into all the pressure and stress.

I think the main down side to this whole job thing is the strain its causing between me and smiley... she hardly sees me these days and i can tell how badly she misses holding me. its hard on her considering the sharp change we experienced from spending virtually every day together to barely seeing each other all week. i know i definitely have to make it up to her.....soon.

The more reason why I need Kagashi Bunshin!
or maybe the Super Eagles need it more than me, considering they had a difficult time celebrating one goal leads in one match, if they had that jutsu they probably would have been able to defend their lead as well as celebrate the goal they had scored considering how much into the celebration they were into.

As for me, i had the strong feeling that it was going to turn out sour so i switched to my Nigerien personalty mode; claiming i was more interested in camel racing than football.

So all you Nigerian should stop beating yourselves over qualification for the world cup, there's a camel racing world cup that happens in Niger every 6 months and the only thing you need to qualify is a healthy camel and its flies.

see you guys later...


  1. Hope you're feeling better now from the fever. No mind our yeye super eagles, downers the lot of them.

    Anyway abeg make time for smiley ooo, nothing sweet woman more than quality time...

  2. i really wish i could say yes to that but i'm not sure i can even if i wanted to.... besides, she's heading out of town tomorrow...sob!