Sunday, September 13, 2009


These days i have the impression that I'm aloof. I refuse to publicly express myself with out an extremely good reason to. A smile here, a grin there, and a sneer for any one who thinks they can take advantage of my soft demeanour.

At times it can be a terrible place, this world.

I have a habit (don't know if its a bad one or a good one). I tend to reflect on past relationships and figure out what could possibly have gone wrong instead of leaving things as they were. One of the most consistent problems they always have with me is my "sensitivity".

At this point I've had it. I'm out of ideas and I'm not talking about how to move on to the next relationship, I'm talking about having to explain that the person you met is who you're gonna be stuck with for as long as the relationship lasts. I know women are sensitive and full of compassion, well as odd as it might sound i have my own measure of that and its what makes me "ME".

Believe it when i say this; I'm a full blooded straight guy with massive doses of testosterone, calculative and a lot of times obsessively objective. but I'm also honest, blunt with words and effectively emphatic.

These latter qualities make me no less a man, rather they make me a special kind of man. And that's the one I always want to exude.

So when I meet a lady who wants a typical guy (the stereotypical male) and she observes all these qualities, if she walks away thinking; the guy is so sensitive, i guess its more of her loss than mine.

With respect to the girls/ ladies; i just want to find the woman who's meant for me. I'm not about notching up numbers and bedding chicks.

I'm more of the guy who's desire is to find a soul mate.

I''m sure i sound like I'm flinging the "holier than Dow" phrases in a couple of faces but I'm also prone to moments of weakness. Its not something I proudly admit. I'm also a guy working towards becoming a better man to my woman.

I don't know if smiley thinks I'm sensitive, but that's for her to decide.

what do the rest of you think? Am I sensitive???


  1. If you're asking then you probably are. One who is not won't care one way or another what others think. I perswonally think a guy has to be in tune with his emotions to be able to have better relationships. I hope smiley agrees, good luck.

  2. U are such a wuss...

  3. @ Myne ; I know I'm sensitive, i'm just not following if the lady is saying it as a complaint or a compliment....
    @ Anonymous; who's the wuss, i mean... you're saying it with out a name... wuss!!! lololol...