Thursday, September 24, 2009

The story I love...

She holds my head close to her chest and starts to tell me that story i love so much (then i guess i hadn't acquired that 6 feet height of mine)......

...... I left the house that morning, leaving your brother in the care of your aunt... i was sure my water had broken, i packed all the baby things i was going to need at the hospital. I don't know why i never said a word to your father or any one else. In fact i met my sister in law on my way to get a cab, she was taking the kids to school so she offered to give me a ride thinking i was going for my usual check up..... immediately i got to the hospital and the doctor took a look at me he had the nurses prep me up for delivery.

I had no idea if the child was going to be a boy or a girl, all i could read from the doctors gaze was that i really didn't have nothing to worry about. The time was about half past 10:00 in the morning....... i went into labour fully about 11:00 Am and it was not easy, i felt the pressure and pain, i willed the baby to come out but it seemed not ready, i was a bit worried....

Did it have to take so long?

At about a few minutes after 12:00 the baby finally came out... giving a healthy cry i waited for them to put him in my arms (I had another boy).

My baby, my son.... you've come into this world at the right time.... i looked at him and he was so lovely, a bit stubborn but so lively.

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