Monday, October 19, 2009

Hhhhmmmm.....Growing up......

what exactly is growing up, obviously its not simply an age thing, neither can it be whittled down to knowledge acquisition.

"oohhh grow up" i often hear people say.... or "i think you really need to grow up"...... which one now??? na by force.... if you wanna grow up, grow up but i don't know about me. I'd rather just stay Peter Panish for as long as i ain't paying rent....

I have friends who seem to think they're all grown and i have friends who obviously don't wanna grow up at all.

Its a wonderful mixture to delve into but it sometimes comes at a price. Loyalties are sometimes questioned while principles could be thrown out the window.

I'm a young adult as society has come to describe me, but at the same time I'm not too far away from those years when i used to careless about tomorrow. Honestly, I'm not making any excuses, those years don't seem far away at all.

But to tell you the self assumed truth; i think I've don little growing up over the past couple of months. I don't think I'll be getting more than a hand full of supporters to this assumption but please indulge me.

....................................To be continued............................................


  1. Growing up is a continuous process my brother.....the past months you thought you didn't/haven't developed, you'll be shocked by the the shitload of stuff you've learnt over that period of time.....besides i know u and you've always acted like a grown up except for times @ joints drinking but that's natural for we guys

  2. well said bruv, but what about you? you think you've done some growing up lately, i know the question sound odd, but seriously do what point in life do you think you've reach?

  3. can't really say i have done some growing up lately as i do not really like change that much but i can say i have grown up to know how to identify true friends which you happen to be one.
    As for growing up in life, i still have a long waaaay to go.
    P.S. we dey do BYOB this Thursday @ Play abi na and how far Halloween( tho na yankee matter), what costume are u getting if you're not tied up with work?

  4. I'm thinking BYOB, but i'll be getting off work by 11:00. thanks for recognizing me as a friend bruv...