Saturday, October 10, 2009


There are times when i wonder what its all about and there times when i know what its all about.

I strive to define my purpose in life, whether it be in a relationship or at work, i know one paramount thing, i desire purpose. With out it, the red in my eyes turn blood crimson and i become that which i detest the most, a loosing monster.

But fate has played an important role in my purpose i must admit, lifting the mists of uncertainty and revealing to me an horizon filled with (yeah it sounds cliche); clear possibilities.

While trying to live, i have come across several possibilities of purpose, prying and probing, searching for the one which ultimately embodies my inner desires and drives me to succeed.

Have I found it? Honestly i can't exactly say i know, i just know that i have purpose where I am right now. Day to day i strive to put in my best to achieve my purpose.

Yet i have to ask myself what is my ultimate purpose, do i have to know that right now? must i have a clear picture of what i am to do before my life reaches its end?
If you will indulge me, can i ask you; what is your purpose?

And how have you defined it?

I just turned 25 a few weeks ago, a month after i got my first full time job, and truth is i had one hell of a time, even though it bore a hole in my pocket i have to admit that it was worth it.
In this quarter century of my life i say to my self that I'm just discovering what i really want in various aspects of my life; relationships, work, fun and family.

I do my best to take a few minutes of the day to reflect and be introspective of my actions, wondering if I still am on the right path.

"Where will i be 25 years from now?" i sometimes ask myself....


  1. They say an unexamined life is not worth living. Happy belated birthday wishes...

  2. thanks Myne... and you hit the nail on the head right there...