Monday, June 14, 2010

Noise from Hell

So the world cup has begun and i have a confession to make; I think I've seen too much foortball in my life i might just ignore this sacred competion.

Just this once guys. My head can only take so much.
I even have a feeling the players aren't too commited to have a go at it this time, i mean its not exactly their bread and butter. And in this new dawning age, Glory is being redefined.
So if any one's really looking forward to gutsie performances and blood. maybe you should tune in to another show, like 'UFC'.

This world cup is unique to most of the people i know because its the first ever to be held on African soil, cue the Vuvuzelas... oh yes it really means something, A vuvuzela is really an existing object.

For we Africans who have developed a following of football around the continent, you might have come across these objects while watching a South African league match (PSL).

They're long horns (bout 3ft 3 inches) made of plastic and .... they sound so annoying.

Most football loving fans in Africa already heard about these contraptions from God know where when we watched the 2008 African nations cup when they hit us by suprise.
Unlike what is observed now, Africans in the sub saharan region mostly greeted it with indeference.
To them it was just one of the many diverse things they were introduced to by the rapidly shrinking village that this world is now becoming.

The Vuvuzela didn't meet such similar reception in 2009... at the confederation's cup it divided opinions and generated its own publicity.

At the Confefderations Cup, the vuvuzela was introduced to the world and the world was not impresssed. In fact it got both local and international voices calling for it to be banned for the world cup.

Others disagreed and the debate went on and on till we arrived at this point, its the 2010 FIFA world cup and the matches are well underway.

The Vuvuzelas are as strong as ever.
Some have given it various names, but the one i find most captivating is the title name; "Noise from hell"....
The reason being that there's nothing pleasing about the noise. it cannot be traced to any traditional heritage in particular and has several people claiming its creations and origins.

This object can best be described in one word; Annoying.
it simply blurts out proabably a stolen yawn from the devil you might say.

To top it all off, the Vuvuzela has been known to cause hearing loss through exposure to its irritating sound. claims have been made that its typical noise level is measured at 127 decibels and players have complained that it hinders concentration and communication.

Maybe they should have bannd the damned things sef or maybe not.
probably we'll all get used to it and our ear drums could get accustomed.

All i know is for now the damn things are straight outta Hell!!!

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