Thursday, June 10, 2010

Re- up

If you follow my blog you would have concluded by now that I know nothing about relationships or to phrase it long; matters of the heart.

almost every tri- blog i'm most likely talking about or complaining about matters of the heart.
then there's my last post.
Featuring another round of oooohhhs and aaaaahs coming from my by now exhausted heart. "i'm sure if my heart had hands had facial expressions, it would look like Rachel Oniga during her crying role days in Nollywood".

Since i started this Blog in 2009 i've gone through one sort of emotional drama to another.
its not exactly Rocket science to deduce that i've been over indulged.

So i've made up my mind, i'm not going to be talking about the things i am most practically inept at.
instead i shall now focus on the aspects of life that I thrive on.

Example....... ...............


10 minutes later and i'm clueless.

What do i thrive on?

maybe when i figure it out i'll make it official.
Onto serious issues;
Any one know where i can get another job? this job right here's sucking the life out of me. Yes i know, if I had studied harder i'd probably be in one oil coy or something.
but here i am... Job's not so bad, save for the lack of a social life, no weekends and 17 hours a day shifts every other day. but i'm not here to whine.

I just need another job. Somewhere with more structure, a place where i don't necessarily have to be treated as family but where i get my due.

My current work place is more like an extended family and as usual in any social dynamic i find myself, i'm gradually gravitating towards becoming the typical outcast, nothing special though.
Its just my way; rebellious & non- conformist.

Seems like i've gotten boring.... someone i told about this said i was just getting matured.
for me i think work is just making me forget about a lot of things.
I don't want to become the kind of old folks who get stuck in a particular period.

Imagine if i get stuck in this time. My kids would definitely get laughed at in school....
"hahahahahaha... your daddy still wears skinny jeans"
That's a nightmare!!!

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  1. Just read the last post, make your heart no cry again, you'll be fine.